Animation: Priorities


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Latvian animator Gints Zilbalodis’s rather wonderful short about a plane-wrecked boy and his faithful pooch trying to find a way off the island they’re stranded on.

Made with Maya, After Effects and Logic Pro X, dialogue-free and comprising just four long uncut shots, Zilbalodis sez of it:

I wanted it to look as organic as possible and the cinematography to be imperfect. The continuous shot workflow helped me see the film as a whole and not get lost in details. The long takes limit the story to unfold in real time. In a more traditional style of cutting, it’s easy to skip over the unimportant parts of the story to keep it entertaining. But since the story is very simple and there’s not much of a plot I didn’t have to skip over anything, the story fit the style very well. I didn’t ever regret choosing this style, but a big challenge was rendering. If I changed just a small detail, the whole scene had to be rendered again.

Full screen and loud is how you should view this.


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