Free on May 24?

A fresh look at Mary Raftery’s 1999 nation changer.

At the IFI, Temple Bar, Dublin.

The Mary Raftery Journalism Fund writes:

“We will mark 15 years since the original broadcast of the [RTE} ‘States of Fear’ documentaries with a programme that includes a panel discussion, chaired by Áine Lawlor examining the impact of States of Fear on those who participated in it, and on the nation who watched it.
The panel to include Sally Mulready (Irish Women Survivors Network); Colm O’Gorman (Founder of One in Four and CEO of Amnesty); Patsy McGarry (The Irish Times) and Caitriona Crowe (National Archives of Ireland).
And a symposium examining  the relationship between investigative journalism and documentary film-making. The panel will be chaired by Senator Fiach MacConghail and a panel to include include Paul Maguire (RTE Investigations Unit); Anna Rodgers (Film Maker); Sheila O’Connor (Patient Focus) and Roddy Doyle.”

States Of Fear – 15 years ago (IFI)

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