Nothing To Worry About



Journalist Colette Browne

Further to the news that the Rape Crisis Midwest’s services in Clare and Tipperary have to close for at least a month because of financial problems, due to funding cutbacks, Colette Browne, in the Irish Independent, writes:

As part of the most recent round of efficiencies in the health service, rapists have agreed to rape for just 11 months of the year. The surprise arrangement came to light on Monday when it was revealed that rapists in the midwest would be taking one month off later this year.

By decree of some bureaucratic pen pusher, there will be no sexual violence, of any description, in the region for approximately 31 days.


Fair play in fairness.

It’s simply not acceptable that rape victims have been sacrificed to save a paltry €20,000 (Colette Browne, Irish Independent)

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