Dublin’s Google Docks, formerly known as the Montevetro building, in the heart of the Dublin’s ‘Silicon Docks’ in the Grand Canal Dock

Solocheck.ie writes:

Our latest figures show that 185,881 Irish companies are trading as normal as company start-ups exceed closures by 21% in 2014.

This year has seen the number of companies trading as normal in Ireland rise from just over 183,000 (at the end of 2013) to 185,881.

One factor that has played a part in this is the rise in company start-ups to almost pre-recession levels.

Over 7,000 new Irish companies have already been incorporated in 2014 – 16% up on the same period in 2013 (6,088).

This rise in start-ups is part of the reason that we’ve seen 10,599 individuals become a director in an Irish company for the first time this year.

5,807 Irish companies have been dissolved in 2014 which means that for every five company closures that have taken place this year we’ve seen six company start-ups.