‘It Seems Quite Probable The Babies Are Buried In The Sewage Tanks’



Further to the Tuam babies mystery.

Blogger Izzy Kamikaze writes:

New evidence has come to light in the Tuam Babies case, which tends to support the view of local researcher Catherine Corless – that the bodies of almost 800 children who perished at the site may be inside the disused sewage system of the Workhouse which occupied the site prior to the opening of the Mother and Baby Home (a Catholic institution for unmarried mothers and their children.)

“…The illustration (above) is a “section” from the architectural plans of Tuam Workhouse, later the Mother and Baby Home. A section is a drawing showing a one-dimensional slice of a building or structure. Being one-dimensional, it doesn’t show the depth of the structure, just the height and width. This “cesspool” is 9’ 9” tall (just under 3 metres) and appears more than 3 metres wide. It has a high arched ceiling and looks much more how we might expect a vault or tomb to look than what it actually is – a sewage tank.”

“…I might as well come out and say it – it seems quite probable the #800deadbabies are buried in the sewage tanks.”

More here: Vaults Under Tuam Babies Site Are Part Of Sewage System (Izzy Kamikaze)