KITT And Caboodle


ICONIC-CARS-FINAL David Eaves writes:

“Another infograpahic –  featuring original illustrations of some of the most iconic vehicles from films and TV.”

Iconic Cars (SimplyShowPlates)

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6 thoughts on “KITT And Caboodle

  1. Haroo

    When I lived in Boston I owned a blue Pontiac firebird the same as KITT. It cost me $600. It was a dog of a car but great fun listening to classic rock to in.

  2. smoothlikemurphys

    Hang on – just getting this right in my head.

    Simply Show Plates created an infographic about some classic movie cars, which David Eaves shared with Broadsheet – standard enough.
    Why do we need to know that David Eaves works at some web design agency? Glow New Media didn’t create the infographic so why are they getting a plug?

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