28 thoughts on “The Defiant Twelfth

      1. Helen

        The fine Ulster poets are part of their culture. This, however, is just pure sectarian bigotry.

        1. grizzly

          You may not like it but this is very much part of their culture. Defiance is perhaps THE defining aspect of it.

      2. F-mong

        If your “culture” requires you too build a three storey tall bonfire and set it ablaze, in a built up residential area, then your “culture” whoever a side your on, is F’d in the head.. It’s 2014 like

      3. Padi

        You have a total misunderstanding of the meaning or examples of culture. You could stretch to say it is habitually done so has developed in to a tradition but not cultural.

    1. Jay

      It’s not all one sided, there are idiots on the other side as well, see the quote above from the guy that supplied the picture as an example.

  1. Inooways

    i’d say its defo the most apt and certainly ONLY acceptable time to write ‘yawn’ onto an Irish internet page. lol


  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    There’s one somewhere (can’t recall where) with a life-size Gerry Adams hanging from a ‘defiant’ gallows.
    Aye’ll lave ye teh faynd it, hai.

  3. Debra

    So nothing has evolved. Pride in heritage is fine but this seems a bit dark ages to me.

    1. Nigel

      Really? They can burn all the flags they want for all I care. There’s enough actual bad stuff to worry about before getting het up over some singed plastic.

  4. DizzyDoris

    British culture in NI. An absolute right to public housing up the street from your mother.

  5. Jayzuz

    Am I the only one who admires the construction values of these babies! Artistry in bigotry!

    1. DizzyDoris

      Absolutely. Now let’s see them utilising their skills without state funding and/or benefits for the next twelve months?
      The same applies to the other side obviously.

  6. RonnieTash

    What recession?!! Who has that kind of flag and pallet budget these days.

    Her majesty must be very proud.

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