Losing Wood


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Last night’s bonfire at Lanark Way off the Shankill Road, West Belfast.

Impressive by all accounts.

With a bellyful of Bucky, it was bound to go south.

We’ve all been there, in fairness.

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11 thoughts on “Losing Wood

    1. Sam

      I agree, the Hindenburg commentary is not in any way funny. It’s about as funny as the TV reporters commenting on people jumping out of the twin towers.

    2. Labels

      I thought the joke with the collapsing pyre matched with the Hindenberg commentary was funny.

      But oh what a hoot it was to read Lars Biscuits wonderful erection jokes, each one funnier than the one before and adding so much to the different joke made in the video.

      Take a bow Lars Biscuits. Titan of Comedy.

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Are they mixing their symbols, having racist statements written on the Irish tricolour? Perhaps, it is the flag of the Ivory Coast hung the wrong way round.

    If the Scots vote for independence, will they be burning that flag, too?

  2. Moral_Judgement

    Ok, so I’m not from Ireland and a bit ignorant so someone please help me out. I’m a bit confused about the “We’re not racist, we just don’t like niggas” signs on the tower. Are the Unionist pro-racism? What do attitudes to racism have to do with sectarianism in Northern Ireland? Not trying to stir shit, but was genuinely shocked to see it on an open political display in 2014. Also, what’s the deal with the Palestinian and Netherlands? flags? I mean I guess I can see the point of burning the Irish flag if you’re anti- Irish, but the rest seem at best tangential. Thanks.

  3. JD

    The bottom sign and the second tricolour reads: “We’re not racist, we just don’t like Cotten picking n******s and taigs”.

    What hope is there with statements like this? Disgusting.

  4. Big Bad

    Incitement to hatred??

    Section 29B:
    (1) A person who uses threatening words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening, is guilty of an offence if he intends thereby to stir up religious hatred.

    Or is this culture??

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      My guess is that they don’t want to spread the ignorance of the bigots.

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