21 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Other News…

  1. gallantman

    Hoping the the Stars and Stripes moron on Grafton Street wanders into the middle of that.

    1. jungleman

      It’d be interesting to see which side of the fence they’d fall down on. Or whether they’d even be aware of the plight of Palestine.

  2. retroboy

    The two sides of Ireland. Pity that some people think that a fat, balding country-star is worth protesting about,
    when families & children are being blown to pieces in the Middle East.


      1. Simon

        Started at 2pm, Bulk of the march finished at Molesworth St. @jeremy Kyle full placard read ‘Boycott Israeli Diamonds’

  3. Odis

    Funny how Western politicians howl for a new Cold War against Russia. And back up their vitriol with economic sanctions. Yet when Israeli’s bomb Gaza – that’s just Jim Dandy. What civilized nation wouldn’t FFS?

  4. The bringer of facts

    We are friends of America. Israel is basically American. Their PR spokespeople all seem to have American accents or British ones.

    What is it I can practically do to show my opposition to bombing kids in Palestine? I live far from this exact protest.

    1. Sam

      Boycott. Check out how many products including fruit and vegetables and plastic garden sheds are from Israel, including factories in occupied territories.
      And if you’re thinking of buying anyone a diamond… 30% of Israeli exports are cut diamonds.
      Occupations run on money. Draining the profits will have an effect.

      1. The bringer of facts

        Practical, thanks.

        Israel backed by America and the UK can do want they want. It’s all very sad.

        1. bisted

          …I to feel helpless while the genicide intensifies but the BDS movement is important…it worked in South Africa and it will work here.

    2. Sinabhfuil

      Invent a practical alternative to the internal combustion engine and other gadgets that require petroleum oil.

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