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Bill O’Herlihy signed off last night from RTÉ Sport.

He’ll leave it there so, live.


Bill O’Herlihy defends role as lobbyist for tobacco industry (Ronan McGreevy, Irish Times June 11 2014)

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10 thoughts on “‘Smokey-Doke’

    1. Carmel

      I think Prof Crown did right. Some people didn’t know that Bill is a tobacco lobbyist and it was the perfect chance to let them know he deals in evil stuff. How he could ever have been involved in sport which is healthy and tobacco which is not is beyond me. Well done John!! Had to be said and at least you have the balls to do it and not live a double life

  1. Robert Smith

    Hey Broadsheet, you should shame UPC for displaying the kick-off for 9pm last night, being married, I don’t have the luxury of being able to watch the match build up like ye olde single days, so could only get to see from kick off onwards. But no, ever so competent UPC had advertised the kick-off for 9pm. I missed the best half of the game.
    Bar Stewards, the lot of them

  2. Davey T

    John Crown went to town
    With his jocks hanging down
    what a joke,
    his dirty ould yoke
    caused many a lady to grimace and frown

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