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Groom – I’ve Never Been In A Real Fight

A song by a Dublin four piece about a pub crawl down Camden Street, Dublin shot on location..

From the forthcoming Groom album ‘Bread and Jam’ on Popical Island on August 9.

Name those pubs anyone?

Groom (Bandcamp)

17 thoughts on “You May Like This

    1. Splendido

      Derivative hipsters aren’t that productive. They talk, they don’t do. Derivative hipsterdom this ain’t.

      Most of the Popical Island musicians are in fifteen sqazillion bands who all start, finish and release records regularly. Those feckers have more jobs than a New York taxi driver.

      1. Helen

        the sound is derivative. the singer with his faux american voice is a hipster wantabe. thus derivative hipster.

    1. Harchibald

      A man after my own heart. Had just scrawled the exact same thing on a piece of paper watching the video.

  1. Damien Wall

    I think this is great, it’s also great to see people out there around Portobello doing their stuff.

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