“Walk In Our Shoes”



This afternoon.

Enda Kenny on his way to the Hibernian Royal Club, Dawson Street, Dublin becomes embroiled in a discussion with a man (who gave his name as Noel Gahan) who asked: “What are you going to do about the homeless?”

Hot heckler is hot.

Taoiseach heckled by protestor over the homeless crisis (Paraic Gallagher, Newstalk)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall ireland)

Meanwhile, in The Shelbourne after the ‘walk’..

Three Bressies!

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40 thoughts on ““Walk In Our Shoes”

      1. Violet

        Oh, come on. What other leader in the world engages with people on the street like this?

  1. the good helen

    well i’ve not heard him speak, cos i have the sound off – in work, depends on the accent. LOL – ?

  2. the good helen

    no no no no no no no i take it all back!! I heard the interview!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!

    1. Noel-o

      You’re too late, love.

      Here, how do I work your washing machine? Is there a setting for whites?

  3. Christopher

    We live in a country with high levels of social welfare- if you are on the streets you need to take responsibility for yourself, there is only so much the state can do.

    1. Dave G

      Ok, how might one, who lost their job and subsequently their house, take responsibility? Do you think the government has implemented the right structures in terms of facilitating the homelessness crisis?

      You try living on the streets Christopher, and you will see that it’s not as easy to ‘take responsibility’ as you think?

  4. Planet of the Missing Biros

    So you divert attention the real issue with this glib stupid comment:

    “Hot heckler is hot”

    Bunch of children.

  5. Eoghany

    Jaysus, imagine if the sexes were reversed here, and it was a female homeless heckler, and all us lads did was”rate” her in terms of hotness.. It would leave a few people angry, and rightly so. This lad couldn’t give a shlt if he’s hot or not.

    1. Anne

      What do you mean if the sexes were reversed here and all us lads did was rate her?
      It was Bodger doing the rating.. I presume Bodger is a guy.

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