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  1. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

    Of all the things they could complain about, this is the one issue that gets the USI out on the streets? During the summer? When the sun is shining?

    * What about the bank debt you and the other students will be paying for? (As well as us former students)

    * Or the various Catholic child abuse scandals?

    * Public transport and the lack thereof?

    * Political cronyism and the prime examples displayed by FG/Labour?

    * Emigration & employment?

    * Etc.

    The list is endless folks and this is the world you’re entering into soon. I don’t doubt that accommodation is a big issue too, but is this all that matters to students at this point in time?

      1. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

        Perhaps, but are landlords, Government or students themselves likely to pay much attention at this time of year when college is out for summer?

        1. johnthebaptist

          Pre budget submissions are currently being made, so yea – good enough timing as any to get a bit of publicity on the issue and for the organisation itself.

    1. max

      From the point of view of the Student

      * Or the various Catholic child abuse scandals?
      – To hungover to go to Mass so cant get raped…

      * Public transport and the lack thereof?
      – If i can get cheap rent on Grafton street i wont need it

      * Political cronyism and the prime examples displayed by FG/Labour?
      -Whats Politics

      * Emigration & employment?
      -Emigration = more sun
      * Etc.
      – OMG ROFL Luv Abrev.

    2. Deadly


      ?? Eh? It’s a student issue and a student union protest. Why not criticise the teachers unisons for not protesting about gay marriage while you’re at it? Or the local Palestinian population for not having a dedicated protest for the Mothers and Babies issue?

        1. Caroline

          How long are they supposed to stand around banging on about the bank guarantee before they get to protest their own issues? It’s fatuous to pretend that USI can’t protest about housing when representing students is one of its main purposes.

          We’re coming into the time of year when landlords are readying stock to let to students and students are looking for their options for Sep/Oct. They are asking for action now to avert a crisis in a few weeks.

          What’s more, if they can’t find some hovel to put themselves in for the year then there’ll be no protesting by them about anything else. This IS their number one priority, as it should be, because otherwise they risk not being able to study at all.

    3. ReproBertie

      When do students look for accommodation? When is the lack of decent, affordable student accomodation likely to be an issue?

      Yes, I imagine this does matter to students at this point in time and, in terms of priority, is probably a bigger issue for them now than child abuse scandals from the past and debts in the distant future.

      1. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

        You’re citizens of this island – you have responsibilities beyond your own immediate needs.

        Bank debt is your issue too. Child abuse scandals are also your issue – if lessons are learnt and citizens (incl. students) don’t show an interest is justice, then we’re doomed.

        There’s a bigger world outside your own.

        1. Caroline

          What you should be doing, as a citizen of this country, and as a person capable of appreciating the importance of matters outside your own immediate needs, is getting behind these students and supporting their campaign for affordable accommodation.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          So, they are supposed to protest ALL problems.

          How the f*ck is protesting all problems supposed to shed light on a particular issue. It’s gombeen protests that want to fix everything that are a total waste of time.

        3. ReproBertie

          I’m not a student.

          If students can’t afford to study then the country is doomed. Part of being able to afford to study is affordable accommodation.

          1. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

            OK, OK, you win. I’m an idiot.

            All I did was suggest that the USI could be protesting about other, dare I say, bigger issues that affect students long-term.

            Forgive me my stupidity.

          2. ReproBertie

            The USI have protests on a number of issues throughout the college year. At the moment their members are off on J1s and in summer jobs and what have you. As a result they are not around for mass protests which is probably why this protest involves just a handful of USI officers.

    4. Clampers Outside!

      They’re protesting the problems with “accommodation” in July, ahead of the mad rush that happens every August / September.

      I prefer to see, and it is far better to do protests with a singular focus rather than the “we need to fix the whole world” gombeen marches that are sometimes out there.

      Stop being a gobshite. Rents are a problem for everyone in need of rental accommodation and as a group students are getting there spoke in. Fair play to them.

    5. munkifisht

      You seem pretty agitated about these issues yerself. Guess your off banging your drum daily yea? Attending all the protests, driving chaining yourself to dump trucks at the Dáil?

      Maybe, perhaps, possibly, with the standard University year starting in a few weeks these are the issues that are important to students.

      That all said, there’s always a bed with International Guy (literally with International Guy)

    6. Nigel

      But accommodation is kind of immediate, is it not? Or will be come the Autumn, so it makes sense to draw attention to it now?

  2. Ronan

    Long commutes????

    Aw diddums. Like everyone else of limited means in Dublin, you can take a bus from where you can afford to live, to where you need to be 9-5

  3. Optimus Grime

    According to their poster “A roof is a right!” but not the walls that support it?

    1. SERDBot

      Glad you found the time in your busy schedule to point that out. Alliteration is all-powerful. Only a fool would forget that.

  4. HappyDub

    Why does everyone still think 3rd level education is a right?
    It’s a privilege, if everyone has a degree then a degree holds no value.

    My point is, it’s supposed to be hard, deal with it.

  5. SERDBot

    I presume you don’t think that having large numbers of homeless students would be a solution to anything? Highlighting the issue would appear to be reasonable and important. They campaign on a lot of stuff…

  6. DaveM

    ”A large number of homeless students” Hilarious,more like a large number of gormless students.
    An beal bocht.

  7. pissedasanewt

    If I was renting a place I wouldn’t rent it to a bunch of students to trash. Get a name for taking care of a place and they might find more landlords willing to rent.

  8. ahyeah

    If someone has a right to a house, then someone else has an obligation to provide it. Hope the second someone is not me. I’m skint.

    1. johnthebaptist

      Someone get this guy a chair before he faints. He’s going to collapse with all the hypothetical demands potentially being made of him.

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