70 thoughts on “Right Now On O’Connell Street

    1. jungleman

      I’m sure RTE will cover this in fairness. But if you want proper news coverage I recommend Channel 4. Jon Snow took an Israeli mouthpiece to the cleaners the other night.

        1. Anne

          Nice to see a man with some balls.

          He didn’t let him off the hook there.

          (wondering why women and children are specifically mentioned a few times as being killed, as opposed to just civilians. Is there less sympathy when innocent men are killed? Not too gone on that emphasis)

    2. WhoAreYa

      Yes I saw that jungleman, it was impressive stuff.

      People should not be worrying about whether RTE covers it – there is not much important information to be had from them in general lately other than the weather forecast and did Dunphy mean it when he swore.

      1. shitferbrains

        Jon Snow is an anti-Israel activist in his spare time…chairs anti-Israel meetings at the LSE for example. This ” why don’t you try talking ” stuff could equally be asked of Hamas, whom most Irish people think to be an Arab version of Sinn Fein; but even SF don’t have the Protocols in their charter.

        1. Sidewinder

          Opposition of the Israeli government is not support of Hamas. Opposition of Hamas is not support of the Israeli government.

          Idiots making this false dichotomy are wasting time while massive numbers of innocent people die.

          1. shitferbrains

            Chants of “Palestine free from the Jordan to the sea ” are de rigueur at these meetings, (along with Hamas and Hezbollah flags). What on earth do you think this actually means, and what anti-Israel group do you think it’s parroting ? I’d be willing to bet the farm that there’s not a single expression of any cogent solution today.

          2. John Gallen

            “not a single expression of any cogent solution today” …what do you think a march is for, it’s not a peace talk conference, it’s a public expression calling for the end of atrocity.

            As for your flags comment, will ya put a sock in your couch potatoe mouth. I saw none :)

        2. WhoAreYa

          Thanks for that amazing insight

          Now anything to say about the play during the game as opposed to shape of the ball or the shorts the players wear?

    3. Fergus the magic postman

      To be fair to RTE, there’s been a lot happening recently, what with the Garth Brooks fiasco, and then the seagulls issue.

  1. H

    I have friends in Israel, they help the families, especially widows, of those who have been killed by Palestinian bombs. Israel, especially Jerusalem, has been subject to attacks on an almost daily basis as long as I’ve known these people (10 years plus) and it is almost never reported on the news. However, as soon as Israel retaliates they are big bullies, something’s not right….

        1. jungleman

          Pathetic attempt at the anti-Semitism line. Zionists need to think up some new material.

    1. WhyNot

      How many Jews have been killed? How many kids in broad daylight playing on the beach? We need names, ages, dates and numbers. Thanks.

    2. Sidewinder

      I have friends in Israel too and one in Palestine. I know who I’m more worried about. Israelis have been persecuting Palestinians since long before the rockets started firing. Israeli government also persecutes their own who protest against the occupation.

      Another friend of mine worked there for six months with Human Rights Watch and saw a soldier point his weapon at Palestinian toddlers regularly. He also met former Israeli soldiers completely traumatised by the actions taken by themselves and their colleagues. The Israeli government cares only about the elimination of Palestine, they don’t care an iota about the human cost on either side.

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