Three Spaces And The Footpath


parkDriver, we salute you.

(Thanks Brian O’Halloran)

21 thoughts on “Three Spaces And The Footpath

  1. martco

    Dear Brian,
    this is such a dumb addition to this increasingly banal regular feature on BS

    per above comment, how else is this driver meant to park up under the circumstances? its not a bad job at all actually

    have you ever parked up a car or van with a trailer before?

    thought not

    1. SNBC

      Exactly! How dare anyone criticise the ignorant mucker driving his tank and trailer into Dunnes and abandoning it diagonally across three spaces and the footpath? Every snouty plasterer looking a chicken roll and a can of Club Orange should be allowed to do this. Besides, trailers can’t be detached from tow hitches on site. Nor can they be detached in car parks and parked adjacent, thereby taking up two bays and not three. This is why there’s nothing at all wrong or unusual about the above pic.

  2. Smeghead

    That’s a disgrace.

    Those opening times are rubbish for a supermarket chain that big.

  3. Just another view

    Your all a shower of muppets.

    If you actually study the picture rather than jump to conclusions, the lazy, thoughtless driver has parked on the pavement, great for parent with, children and buggies.

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