“In The Offices Of A PR Company”


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Former CEO of Rehab Angela Kerins and John McGuire, Director of Fundraising at Rehab, arriving at Leinster House to appear before the Public Accounts Committee in February

The Irish Times reports:

“In her affidavit, [Angela Kerins] said she had a conversation on February 21st with the PAC clerk, Ted McEnery, almost a week before she and other senior Rehab figures appeared before the committee at a seven-hour hearing…

Ms Kerins has also claimed she discussed the forthcoming hearing with the PAC chairman John McGuinness, Fianna Fáil TD for Kilkenny, in the offices of a public relations company the month before her appearance.”


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Kerins says PAC clerk warned her about committee members (Arthur Beesley and Tom Lyons, Irish Times)

17 thoughts on ““In The Offices Of A PR Company”

  1. Tom Stewart

    Well I’m glad to see that in any case, her reputation is in tatters.

    Taking disgustingly high payments from a CHARITY, and having a brass neck about it are now the things that the majority of this country associate with the name “Angela Kerins”.

    It’s the least she deserves.

  2. Sidewinder

    I’s merrily ban all PR companies. It’s professional lying for profit is all. Know someone whose company recently hired one – they’re in all the papers now and she says 60% of what is written is pure bull.

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