We Love Loud people



Waterville, Co Kerry last night.

Bring your high-volume, huddled masses.

The bigger the wallet louder the better.

Locals in the Kerry village of Waterville have come out in force to proclaim their town ‘American-friendly’ – despite reports to the contrary. Residents and business owners took to the streets of the picturesque Kerry town yesterday evening to wave US flags – as well as Canadian, British and EU ones, for some reason – in a demonstration designed to counter the impression that ‘loud Americans’ were not welcome in the town.

And not a moment too soon.

Kerry locals fly stars and stripes (BreakingNews)

4 thoughts on “We Love Loud people

  1. Tom Stewart


    The person that posted the infamous “No loud American’s” sign must be a bloody pariah at this stage.

  2. scottser

    that’s what mick n clare were doing at shannon yesterday – checking US planes for loud americans..

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