Meanwhile, At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court


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A former Anglo Irish Bank clerk has been given a suspend sentence for defrauding his employer of €200,000 while the bank was being nationalised.

[Gordon] O’Brien had set the money aside “as a war chest” because he was going to lose his job in the wind-up of the bank.

His counsel said his wife was also going to lose her job with another bank and his son had just been diagnosed with autism and faced having his education grant cut.

At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court today Judge Patricia Ryan sentenced O’Brien to four years in prison, but suspended it full for three years.

The Limerick man committed the fraud by transferring clients’ money into several bank accounts he controlled. He would then take money from internal Anglo accounts and put it into the clients’ accounts to make them appear in order.

No jail for former Anglo employee who defrauded bank of €200,000 (Breaking News)

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18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

  1. L'esprit de l'escalier

    typical irish attitude of “good on ya” here.
    too much blue in this mans white collar to let him away with it.
    i will only tolerate that the whitest of white collar crime goes unpunished. i’m looking at you sean brady.
    i demand jail time now for this man.

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