12 thoughts on “Census Working Overtime

  1. neil

    I think ‘idiot’ was used more specifically at the time, and would actually translate to ‘has a learning disability’ or similar today.

  2. Tony the Toy Gur

    Beats his wife.

    How did they know unless they caught him at it. I suppose back then you could probably beat the wife in the street and not much was done about it.

  3. Mr. T.

    Unmarried = Witch.

    They didn’t like independent women back then. They were seen as a threat to marriages.

  4. Snoouchthebigoouch

    I think my favourite so far is Labourer Drunkard – sounds like a great job

  5. Flanny

    The Witch term would likely refer to her profession as cow doctor. A lot has changed in farming since then, but some farmers still go to ‘healers’ to cure the dreaded red water (a blood disease caused/carried by a tick, kills an animal is as little as 48 hrs)

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