48 thoughts on “Self-Contained Studio

    1. scottser

      indeed, you could drink a cup of tea in bed and lob the cup into the sink after you’re done.

  1. Am i still On this Island

    Did I read somewhere this week that micro apartments were now cool!

    1. Jay

      It’s been pretty crazy for a while actually. Hopefully there will be a collapse soon and things can be a bit more sensible.

  2. Custo

    By law it has to have a microwave. Seriously.

    Instead of just laughing at these posts, I report them to daft. Everyone should do the same. This is a fucking hallway.

  3. bobsyerauntie

    I don’t know how the landlords can sleep at night when they know full well that bedsits such as this one are really not fit for human habitation. I lived in a bedsit for a year in Portobello. Portbello itself was nice, but the bedsit life is extremely depressing. You’re cooking, eating and living in the one room- it’s unhygienic and soul destroying. I thought that these places were banned anyhow? And the price is ridiculous, bedsits were usually 500 to 600 euro max at the height of the godawful Celtic tiger…

  4. Colm

    Is it legal? Yes. The only requirement is that a ‘flat’ needs to have natural light.

      1. The Old Boy

        What counts as laundry facilities? When I was a student anyone in our flat who didn’t fork out at a laundrette (ie most of us) had to wash our clothes in the kitchen sink, or the bath at the end of the corridor if you had a big load.

    1. Custo

      That’s rubbish. Have a look on the PRTB website at the legal requirements of rented accommodation.

  5. Buzz

    OMG I’d be calling the Samaritans after a night in that kip. Imagine trying to sleep with the hum of the fridge in the background. Imagine inviting someone over for dinner.

    1. Smashmouth

      Some people like to listen to the soothing dulcet tones of a humming fridge to get to sleep

  6. Lad

    ALL THIS for only 70,000 of your cents a month! I can see rent prices becoming a problem in the not so distant future as many folks wages remain static and rent is only going one way.

    Eg. A one bed in my block in North County Dublin is now going for 1150€ No shortage of folk willing to pay it either. The cycle beings…

    1. gallantman

      Anyone in Dublin knows that rent prices and renting have been a problem for two or more years now. Politicians acting like a ‘housing crisis’ has come like a bolt from the blue. Shows how out of touch they are.

  7. Sinabhfuil

    That’s why they call it a ‘flat’ – it’s barely three-dimensional.

    And within a few hundred metres of this bedsit are hundreds of houses and apartments deliberately left standing empty; back in the day James Connolly called for a tax on unrented houses in Dublin during a time when people were crammed into high-priced tenements while houses lay empty…

  8. anomanomanom

    i live south side and despite what people say the rents a fairly priced. Supply and demand. I was paying €850 for 1bed apartment in 2007 and rents around here ate basically the same price now.

    1. gallantman

      A price is never ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’.What’s ‘fair’ is that government policies ensure that supply matches demand in order to avoid a situation where rental prices inflate sharply out of synch with salaries and wages.

  9. GiGi

    The painter Francis Bacon lived in something similar. Think he had a bed, a sink and a few more bits. Also some may remember Ricky Jervais telling at one point the story a out how he and his girlfriend lived in a bedsit (could have been a small flat). Anyway I think (I may be wrong) the there was a shared toilet on the house for everyone. Jervais explains how if caught short in the middle of the night he would lift the piled up dishes in the kitchen sink which brushed their bed a take a wee down the sing plug hole. Gives hope to us all. : )

  10. GiGi

    Obviously that should say SINK plug hole before you lot start your…. Is that a euphemism for……

  11. Lilly

    Meanwhile near me, an entire block of apartments lies idle as Nama attempts to drive up the price by holding off on sale and insisting demand exceeds supply. What a country. Nobody should have to live in such a dump. May the landlord die a pauper.

  12. graven

    The landlord has a couple of other flats up for rent in the same building at what I would consider ridiculously high prices. Must be making a fortune out of the building.

  13. Niamh

    There is supposed to be more than one door between a toilet and a place used to prepare food. No matter what the building is for, whether it’s a studio, a one bedroom apartment, a house, an office, a restuarant, a factory, a pub, anywhere at all – there has to be more than one door between the toilet and the food preparation area. It’s not a minimum standard for rented accommodation, it’s a minimum standard for everything.

  14. bobsyerauntie

    There are many landlords (slum-lords) around the city who own these old houses converted into several bedsits (particularly in Dublin 8, Dublin 6, South and North circular road etc). They are outdated modes of accommodation and the landlords know full well that they are. The justification for these antiquated places is that they are somehow fine for students, young people or people who can’t afford anything more liveable. That’s bollox. They are simply the lowest standard and it’s not just students who end up in them, mostly it’s people who are down on their luck!…

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