This morning.

Laura writes:

“Greyhound staff [who are members of SIPTU], continue their strike outside the refuse company’s Clondalkin plant today. Approx 70 workers have been on strike since June 17 over the company’s plans to cut their wages by 35 per cent and change their employment conditions. Greyhound, however, say the workers will still be paid 10 per cent above the industry average….”

(Laura Hutton/Photocall ireland)

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14 thoughts on “Bin Larkin

  1. Helen

    fair play – the bins should be put back into the coucil’s control. privitisation has been a disaster and more expensive than before.

    1. Mister Mister

      I’m paying less now than what I was before privatisation. And the service received is better.

  2. The bringer of facts

    Dublin seems like a mess when it comes to refuse services.

    Kerry has only one refuse service. Only a matter of time until monopoly seems like a bad word here. Not happened yet.

  3. Jonjo

    This is what greyhound are sending to their customers in D12 area where collection was delayed, I found it funny they mention nothing of this dispute… yet its out of their control…

    Dear Customer,
    Unfortunately, there will be a delay in collections in your area today due to continuous incidents where our collection vehicles are being deliberately blocked by groups of protesters and picketers that are standing in the middle of the road.
    This has been orchestrated by members of certain political organisations through social media and has the deliberate intent of not allowing deliver the service you have paid for.
    Due to the concern for the safety of our collection crews we cannot collect your household waste safely at this time. The continued harassment and abuse of our collection crews has resulted in us having to stop collecting from your area today in order to defuse the situation.
    This is unsafe and disruptive behaviour and we will not risk anyone being hurt. We have a wider responsibility for the safety of our crews, you as a customer, and the general public. We have informed the local Gardaí and they will be dealing with this in an official capacity.
    We realise this delays your waste from being collected and we apologise for this inconvenience to you and your families. However, this is out of our control and in the hands of the political organisations involved.

    1. Odis

      Wow. The Guards are a useless bunch, when it comes to protecting, truth, justice and the Irish way, surely.

  4. ollie

    Local authorities are to blame for this. Bin collection should be licenced and regulated.
    Imagine the chaos if anyone could operate any bus route? Race to the bottom is on!!

  5. phil

    Im very sorry to have to say this, as I mostly support the idea of unions, but the scabs are doing a far better job than the workers did.
    The scabs pick up rubish that falls from the bin when loading.
    The scabs return the bin to exactly the position they found it in.

    And well thats really it, that all they had to do and they couldnt even manage that, and yes i did complain x2 the the management.

  6. Kolmo

    Refuse collection is a profitable business in Ireland – Greyhound (offshore based) are just fking their staff for cheaper alternatives, same as Irish Ferries, that was a profitable company but sacked everyone for cheaper labour…for more profit…..

    1. Am i still On this Island

      Kolmo, you have anything that supports greyhound are operating at a profit?

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