For Your Consideration: Traffic Jams


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Lisa Gallagher writes:

Here is a video you may like from an Artist I’ve worked with (I am a television producer) called “Miss Kate”. I got sent this recently after she shot this for a new online bit called TRAFFIC JAMS dir. by David Coffey of “Dan & Becs” and he also directed “Sarah and Steve” and “The Commute” on RTE, each week a different band pick a cover and perform it while squashed into a car.


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18 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Traffic Jams

  1. chimpy

    I always cringe when i see an Irish person acting like they aren’t Irish. This kind of thing makes me feel like that.

    1. Helen

      + 1. It’s like Irish hipsters singing in faux American accents. serious lack of confidence.

  2. Drogg

    An irish band did there music video just like this last year this seems a total rip off and can david coffey realise that having a character constantly address a camera head on is not what construes a well made tv show. I understand RTE finances yer stuff cause its cheap but it might be time to branch out a bit.

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