10 thoughts on “Overruled!

  1. huppenstop

    These parking posts are the worst. And I know that Broadsheet is a free site, and I know that no one is putting a gun to my head and makes me come here etc, but I would just like to register how boring I find these posts that relate to really common place parking transgressions that everyone sees every day going about their normal lives. We don’t need to have them re-posted on a blog we browse to break the monotony of our dull empty lives.

    1. dhaughton99

      Yeah, its something you could bitch about on twitter or tell the dog about when you get home. Even the dog will get tired of the same old stories.

  2. Pob

    What bugs me about these parking posts is that, often you don’t see the ten other cars, who parked in a crappy manner, forcing this person to park in what appears to be a crappy manner because the ten previous cars are now gone.

    I know this isn’t always the case, but sometimes it has to be the reason for the examples sent here.

  3. Davey T

    Its probably the most exciting part of my day- logging on to my desktop pc at work, loading up broadsheet.ie, heart is in my mouth at this stage. Breathing heavier and heart racing, I scroll down through various unimportant posts about gaza, abortion, paedophile priests and the like, looking desperately at this stage through page 2 and then page 3, when all of a sudden, there it is, on page 4, a picture of a car parked outside its designated space. I find it hard to stand up for a few minutes after that without total embarrassment opposite my colleagues

  4. Jonjo

    That area is a goldmine for clampers. I wouldn’t say it’ll take too long before they’re caught.

    It’s paid parking until 4 and then a clearway between 4 and 6. Those 2 signs are not together on every post so people think it’s free parking after 4.The amount of people clamped after 4 is funny (only because I don’t park there).

  5. Eoghany

    I actually enjoy these posts. I really take pride in parking my car perfectly, with due consideration for other users. Those that don’t give a fuc, should be outed and shamed. Please keep up the great work BS. The “sure where would ye get it” lark is another story however!!

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