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  1. Starina

    Word has it that the FB and Twitter is run by the Ambassador’s wife.

    Myself and a couple of people I know are barred from their FB page for politely objecting to their use of the phrase “weird Jew” to refer to Jews who object to the Israeli occupation.

    It’s appalling that this is the behaviour of an official government agency. It’d be unheard of for pretty much any other country.

    1. Ben Zona

      You are correct! You would never see countries like:

      Saudi Arabia
      East Timor
      North Korea
      or Zimbabwe,

      just to name a few, acting like that. They’re probably right to ban you from their sites because it sounds like you have such a limited scope of reality that you really don’t even need to be on the Internet.

      1. Nigel

        That’s setting the bar well frickin’ low.

        (Assumiing you’re talking about the type of behaviour one could expect from these countries and not Starina’s travel prospects.)

      2. ZeligIsJaded

        Yep!! – add Israel to that list and you’ve summed up all the proper c*** countries!!

          1. Drogg

            Its a small country in southeast asia, it had a pretty brutal stubble for independence and democracy in the late 90’s early 00’s we sent a UN peacekeeping force there.

      3. Starina

        aw, bless. you don’t understand the difference between “any other” and “pretty much any other”. sounds like someone is grumpy this morning. have a coffee and some fresh air, sweetie.

    2. HF

      “Word has it…..” So this is enough for you to believe that the ambassadors wife runs the page? You are an imbecile

          1. scottser

            there’s plenty i’d be interested in HF, but unless you quit with the name-calling, no-one’s going to take you seriously. you’re IDF tactics won’t work here lad.

          2. HF

            Quit with the name calling? And then you accuse me of IDF tactics?? Baffled by this to be honest. I’m not interested if people don’t take me seriously, quite frankly, I don’t expect it on this forum. But I am interested in defending Israel against some of the bile and vitriol that is spewed against it here in Ireland.

          3. Ben Zona

            Let the children play amongst themselves HF. You’re already clued in enough to this crowd.

          4. scottser

            yep, IDF tactics. you know – bullying, dehumanisation, unwilling to engage in debate, unwillingness to accept criticism etc.
            and if you’re expecting people to take you seriously, then stop with the name calling. as for defending israel – go ahead. there’s nothing as entertaining as watching the slow choke of those who try and defend the indefensible. but please, carry on..:)

  2. NiallOK

    How has this ambassador not been summoned to Leinster House for a dressing down or ejected from the country yet?

    Oh yeah… we’re in summer recess!

      1. Drogg

        In fairness though if we are talking about diplomacy, why weren’t they ejected then when mossad used Irish Passports to carry out an assassination.

        1. Medium Sized C

          Because Diplomacy.

          I’m not being entirely facetious.
          I agree with you, I think they should have cut diplomatic relations then and DEFINITELY should now.

          But a LOT gets let go in the name of Diplomacy.

  3. Nessy

    Sounds like the ramblings of a mad hoor. Reminds me of William Frazier’s Facebook account, only the Israeli page has far fewer grammatical errors. LAD’s page is great for pointing out his hilarious, if not scary and hateful ramblings

  4. ZeligIsJaded

    Stop giving these clowns breathing space.

    I’m against censorship, but these F***s should be ashamed to publish anything.

    You can bomb schools and hospitals OR be listened to respectfully.

    Not both.

      1. ReproBertie

        Rockets found in vacant school which is not being used as a refugee centre = justification for intentionally shelling refugees in a school that is clearly not vacant and clearly being used as a refugee centre?

        How about stop bombing children, for a start?

      2. Nigel

        They would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those kids it turns out the Israelis are willing to kill.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Yes, Israel in Ireland are paying to spread the article written in the Indo. I’m sure the Indo are happy.

      Anyway, If you don’t like the story what you can do is keep refreshing and clicking the ‘sponsored story’ page and if hundreds or thousands do it, it’ll use up the budget for it really quickly and fewer will see it and you’ll cost IsraelinIreland their budget :)

      An estimate, mine, would put each click at a cost to them of about 15 cent for a News Feed ad like this…… get clicking !!

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Comrade Screamski, you’re still the scariest benchmark.

    2. MT

      +1 what a tedious individual he is. When will he and the likes of Ruth Dudley Edwards accept they are not being paid because they have a modicum of talent (both are incredibly poor writers by any standard) but because they get the comments section jumping in anger at their dickishness, like here.

  5. rotide

    I love how the Irish Times shills for both Israel AND Hamas depending on the time if day.

    Ditto BBC AND all other major news outlets

    1. Medium Sized C

      I’m not sure I have noticed, but isn’t that balance?

      Like we clamour for balance in journalism, but when you get it, its shilling?
      Bit unfair no?

      1. All the good ones fly south for winter

        Balance confused the masses, so we give them propaganda – Nelson Mandela 1954 – 2011

      1. ReproBertie

        You completely agree? So you agree that “the fatuous distinctions between ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘anti-Israeli’ … has largely ceased to exist”? And that people protesting the shelling of children and other refugees in a UN centre are “morally untroubled by Muslim immigrants to Europe chanting about sending Europeans to the gas chambers”?

        1. Smashmouth


          i don’t “completely” agree

          I disagree that “the fatuous distinctions between ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘anti-Israeli’ … has largely ceased to exist”

    2. rotide

      I’m sorry, I should have been more clear.

      They are both ACCUSED of shilling for either side depending on the weather and how shrill the extremists from each side shout.

      I completely agree, balance is important. I think most news sources do try to keep that balance. RTE got a hammering recently but if anything they sail a little closer to the palestine side than other news sources, yet they still get called israeli shills.

      1. Medium Sized C

        Get you.

        I think the important bit is to step back and make up your own mind.
        This is way to emotive to be listening to your peers about.

        I mean Ian Doherty is not alone in his utterly facile reductionist views on criticising Israel.
        Abstaining from a vote to hold an investigation is being viewed as a measure of support for Isreal these days. So showing footage of Charlie Flanagan using the words “right to defend themselves” is probably being seen as a declaration of war by RTE against palestine.

        This thing has lost all perspective.
        You literally can’t comment on the humanitarian catastrophe without some furious so and so accusing you of being on a side. Which is so stupid that it is actually difficult to fathom how stupid it is.

        Like when did “stop blowing up children” become “death to all the Jews”?
        Passionate anger coupled with feelings of helplessness make people say the dumbest things.

  6. Medium Sized C

    Ian Doherty is a dolt.

    These companies who make the electronics are American and Chinese.
    I mean Qualcomm have offices in Israel among about 20 other countries.
    Intel are as much Irish as they are Israeli.

    And he doesn’t actually understand the concept of a boycott.

    Didn’t do much research for that.
    Phoney journalist.

    1. Sidewinder

      I know, I’ve heard several references to this.

      It’s like saying a boycott of Dunnes involves chopping off one of your limbs because you nourished yourself using their produce for twenty years and then all that money you spent there will magically reappear in your bank account and suddenly Dunnes will be down a few thousand quid. Boycotts aren’t retroactive.

  7. Mike

    Wow their facebook page reads like the Youth Defence one , you could literally substitute HAMAS for Pro-Abort on it,

  8. H

    I would love to say something here but as you have all decided that anyone who doesn’t hold isn’t an anti-Israeli view (which is not the same as saying they are completely right either, both sides need to assess their actions IMO) is wrong. I won’t bother. At least I don’t have to worry about whether to boycott or not and can use my electronics with impunity.

    1. rotide

      Go ahead and say it, You’ll feel better.

      I’ve been unmasked as a pro zionist, a garth brooks fan, a SPUC member and Niall Harbison. It’s refreshing!

    2. Medium Sized C

      You don’t have a right to not be disagreed with.

      This is grown up place.
      If you walk into a room of 50 people, and shout something that 48 of them disagree with you dont get to act all pissy when people disagree with what you said.

      Plus, you, like Ian Doherty, (or possibly because of him, I really hope not) don’t understand the concept of a boycott.

      1. H

        My point, while badly made, was that I would get shouted down and accused of being something that I’m not, as happened that last time I commented on this matter, rather than being allowed my point of view. Whether people agree is their own prerogative but disagreeing does not give the right to insult or denigrate.

        Thanks for proving my point with your response by the way C.

        As an aside, and genuinely, not as an insult. After yesterday’s discussion elsewhere, it did occur to me that the people who assumed that your named referred to a cup size may have been right, just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you don’t have C cup sized moobs! (I get it would have been funnier to say that there rather than here but this is the internet after all)

        1. Sidewinder

          Disagreeing is not disallowing your point of view. She’s right, what you’re seeking is to hold your view unopposed. That right does not and should not exist.

          1. Sidewinder

            “I would get shouted down…rather than being allowed my point of view”

            This is what you said. Again – being disagreed with is not being disallowed a point of view. You’re allowed your point of view, I’m allowed disagree with your point of view.

            If you want to say that you are entitled to not be insulted by all means do, but that’s not what you’ve said so far.

    3. WhoAreYa

      Who are ‘all’ these people who have ‘decided’?

      You sound like a four year old who would rather throw their toys out of a pram than engage in a debate.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Manufacturing is one part of the process but you’d be surprised to know how many gadgets run on Israeli patented technology. There may even be something in your girlfriend’s much needed rampant rabbit that owes it’s fun giving times to Israel.

          1. Ultach

            Broadsheet, you have a lot to answer for. We’re on to the second generation. Planet of the Commentators.

      1. Odis

        So is Doherty trying to suggest we should check out the nationality of the various patents of the electronics we purchase? He’s an even bigger clown than some than some of the shills we get on here..

        1. All the good ones fly south for winter

          Patents do not have nationalities. They are abstract things. You stick to boycotting diamonds and dates and working on the sign language and we’ll supply the reward bananas.

  9. N

    Self-righteous contempt will get ya nowhere (well .. apart from a job in the Independent apparently)

  10. Sidewinder

    Anyone got a UN source for the child labour claims?

    Also – dear Israel, only a tiny number of people who oppose your actions think Hamas are good guys, the rest of us also know that they’re terrible people who would merrily do to you what you’re doing to them if they had free reign on the US mastercard, but Hamas being bad guys doesn’t magically turn you into a good guy.

      1. Sidewinder

        It’s also contemptible for them to talk about it given the number of cases of child imprisonment, torture, arrest and abuse documented by the UN and carried out by the IDF. It seems terror is a weapon in the war on terror.

  11. 15 cents

    doherty has always been a narky, negative t!t who goes against the grain on everything in the hope of getting attention. lest we forget, he had to make a program about meeting a muslim just to show him that they werent all terrorists and that a lot of em are decent human beings. the man is an ignorant pest. he should be ignored.

  12. Jog On

    Israel and Ian O’Doherty – the perfect way to ruin a perfectly pleasant Wednesday morning cuppa.

  13. bisted

    …there is indeed a little bit of Israel in all our electronic devices….Edward Snowden made us aware of this….unfortunately we can’t boycott it…not even if you are Angela Merkel.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      But no boycott is perfect. We need to make some small effort and avoid buying goods when we can.

      Ian O’Doherty is using the most idiotic of positions to make his point – all or nothing, a Bushism… your with me or against me shite talk.

      1. HF

        “He’s a known moron in fairness”. Wow, that us so definitive and argument ending. Thanks for that contribution. You think he’s a dolt because you you don’t like what he says and because you don’t like it, you’re scared of what he’ll say, revealing the things that you don’t want talked about. In your little world, every one agrees with each other. What a wonderful moral high ground you inhabit.

          1. Sidewinder

            Yes because your uncanny ability to constantly go for the man and not the ball is indicative of an ardent desire to engage in rational, well informed debate.

          2. HF

            Sorry Junglemidget, I still don’t get your hasbara faction point. Is there any relevance to your point on any level??

        1. Clampers Outside!

          @HF You make so many assumptions there that I’ll simply conclude that you know it all already and are just transfixed in your own siloed view of the world without any grey. The bliss of the ignorant, enjoy it.

          “You think he’s a dolt because you you don’t like what he says”
          No. I think he’s a dolt because of what he says is largely idiotic. That’s not a dislike or like, just an observation. An example, he said that all junkies should be sterilised. An idiots’ view, plain and simple.

          “and because you don’t like it, you’re scared of what he’ll say”
          I’m not scared of anything he says.

          “revealing the things that you don’t want talked about”
          Everything should be talked about, and talked through. There’s no fear in him revealing anything, he’s usually late to any discussion with his opinion pieces anyway.

          “In your little world, every one agrees with each other”
          I’m disagreeing with you and the twit in question.

          “What a wonderful moral high ground you inhabit”
          The only high ground I inhabit is an apartment on the first floor… located on a hill.

    2. N

      Don’t worry .. not ALL the computers in ALL the world are made by Israel .. and their produce is hackable anyways (if you know where to look)

      1. postmanpat

        IBM supplied and maintained concentration camp computer systems for the Nazis. They knew what they were being used for too! What’s my point you may ask? None really , just sayins all…

          1. Medium Sized C

            Want me to count out how many fupps I give what you think of me?


            Here Goes:

    1. HF

      Wikipedia? A website for the bewildered and confused. And a well known source for what ever you’re having yourself.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        …and a good source of links to substantiate most claims on it. But then, you do seem to just skim the surface HF and view things like IOD in a B&W fashion so I’d really not expect you to know how to use the aul flawed Wiki for the reliable info it can often offer.

        1. HF

          You prove my point Pampers Outside. If you think Wikipedia is a fair and honest knowledge resource, then you clearly are bewildered and confused. I will admit that it does give a very loose and general outline of a topic, but you need to use something more reputable to be absolutely accurate. And we are talking about accuracy here, not hearsay etc.

          1. HF

            Thanks Pampers!
            The IOD article certainly does have good links, mostly the Indo, do grand. However, Wiki has been proven on many occasion on many different subjects to be questionable at the least. I’m sure you know that already, the good lad that you are!

        1. HF

          What the hell is washingtonblog??? Never heard of it. Give me something real, you utter moron!

          1. HF

            I just had a look at the washingtonblog you use as bible. Wow, the only thing missing is the Jewish plot to bring down the twin towers on 9/11. Or maybe it is there somewhere. Every crank and plot strategist writes for that crap. If that’s your source, you are SO bewildered.

          2. WhoAreYa

            Go on – refute the points and say which ones are incorrect! – We’ll wait for your cogent rebuttal.

        2. rotide

          In fairness that blog is pretty biased.

          It’s scoring points by comparing the amount of children each child has killed.

          1. WhoAreYa

            Go on rotide – tell us which points on it are factually inaccurate, or are you another redundant blowhard?

          2. HF

            We’re you watching the BBC documentary last night on Syria? It reported on the industrial scale slaughter taking place there right now. Not that u give a toss, there’s no Israelis involved so why would you care. There’s something so spooky and callous about the pro Palestinian people in this country. When 175000 die in Syria, it doesn’t raise and eyebrow, no “dies in” for the civilians of Syria. No mass marches up o’donnells street., no protests outside the dail. But when Israel is involved, man, you guys appear like rats. Why is that? Please give me an answer

          3. HF

            I don’t have any. Have you or is this the first time you’ve given the subject such thought?? You being so busy with the nasty Israelis and all.

          4. jungleman

            I have commented on many threads concerning Syria, and my stance was always that the West should stop backing the rebels and seek to prevent the flow of weapons into the country from Turkey and other countries (they did the opposite of this). It has now gotten to a point where the West has lost a huge amount of influence over that region and it is a direct result of their intervention in Libya, their backing of the rebels in Syria and their catastrophic invasion of Iraq. It is now at a point where the best solution for a quick end to the civil war in Syria is to back the Syrian government and seek for them to abide by the international humanitarian laws upon victory.

          5. HF

            All points that I and anyone else could not possibly disagree with. I still don’t understand why there are no protests on the same scale (if any) held here in Ireland when the slaughter shows no sign of abating. It seems Israel brings out the worst in people even when far far worse in done in other countries. I think this is the central point that IOD was trying to make in his article. But when u try to make these points in Ireland, you just get shouted down by the anti israeli factions.

          6. jungleman

            Like I said, the West has lost much of its influence over this conflict, therefore there is very little benefit to a protest in Ireland over Syria. When Britain, France and USA were considering intervening militarily in Syria there was a huge number of protests across Europe against this.

            The West does have a huge influence over Israel and therefore there is a huge number of protests in Ireland and other European countries.

          7. HF

            Don’t believe this at all. You say we’ve lost influence over the conflict, but surely when people see the pictures on the Telly,it would cause them to come out on the streets anyway and show some solidarity with Syrians. But it DOES NOT happen. Again, with the Israelis, it’s totally different

          8. ReproBertie

            There was a Free Syria protest in Dublin when it was rebels against Assad. Now that it’s a civil war it’s far from clear cut and, as I said, a protest in Dublin will mean exactly nothing to Islamic State.

            There is a difference between civil war and one country shelling an open prison and because you refuse to recognise that difference you play the anti-Israel card.

          9. HF

            OK, so it’s a civil war now, let’s wash our hands of it and be done. If only the Israelis were involved though, wouldn’t that be great!!

          10. ReproBertie

            Well I guess it doesn’t matter what I say, all that matters is the way you think I said it.

          11. HF

            You said I defended the slaughter of innocent civilians by the IDF. That is what I object to. How dare you put those words in my mouth and come back with an “OK, you didn’t actually say that” response?? Good luck to you sonny.

          12. ReproBertie

            You said you were here to defend Israel. So you’re defending Israel but but not their actions? How does that work, sonny?

          13. HF

            You know what, I have no idea what that statement/question means. I’ll have a go and say that I would defend Israel to the last in its right to defend itself against the hordes of savages that surround it in the Middle East. What I would not defend is the desth of innocent civilians. But Hamas have to take a large part if the responsibility for this.

          14. ReproBertie

            “Hordes of savages” from the poster who supports the country shelling refugees.

          15. HF

            That’s right Ropey! Once again, you pull info from ur a**e. I don’t support shelling civilians, but u go right ahead and keep saying it. It’s exactly like your Hamas brothers operate in Gaza, Israel killed this many, that many, when often times, their own rockets fall on their own people.

          16. ReproBertie

            My Hamas brothers?

            Just because you support the country shelling children doesn’t mean those that think they’re dicks support a bunch of terrorists putting civilians in harms way. Carry on making ridiculous claims though, it really builds support for your children-shelling buddies.

          17. HF

            Not interseted in building support, Ropey. Why would I even bother trying to convince you that there are, lets say, errors in your way of thinking. The same way that I don’t expect you to try and “reeducate” me. We are diametrically opposed to each other, that won’t change. But I do so like getting a rise out of you clowns, which your monobloc way of thinking, no room for dissent, just like your buddies in Gaza really. So heres to a swift and total Israeli victory in Gaza!!!

          18. WhoAreYa

            Because it’s a straw man argument.

            IOD is simply looking to troll public opinion by indulging in the ancient Irish bloodsports of badger-baiting and whataboutery.

            Irish people have little direct connection to Syria and while I do not presume to speak on their collective behalf, many of our people probably realise that the conflict there is a complex and messy also fuelled by western and Iranian-backed factions, and may even have the mistaken impression there are no good guys and it’s a fair(er) fight.

            The situation in Israel-Palestine probably exercises folks for several reasons
            1) Historical religious and cultural connection to the ‘Holy Land’ – Irish kids learn about this in school
            2) Perceive clear parallels between state-backed terror in Ireland and Israel in the form of occupying army (as there was in Northern Ireland) seen to be unfairly targetting civilian minority population
            3) Myth-making and balladry culture typically glorifies ‘oppressed’ minority against oppressive superior brute force
            4) Perceived lack of legitimacy in land grab and acquisition of title over in our case hundreds of years

            In Syria perhaps those types of themes linked to religion, land title etc are not as clearcut, or if they are existent are simply less well-understood. Why did you not ask yourself: why do I see the Israeli government spokesman on TV every night of the week talking with Jon Snow and Gavin Esler, yet I never see a similar mouthpiece for the Assad dynasty?

          19. HF

            The ironic thing about the Syrian conflict is that many of the dead ARE Palestinian. Your argument boils down to saying that because we have better links with Palestinians, (debatable in my mind), the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza deserves more awareness than the deaths off Palestinians and Syrians in Syria. Strange logic.

          20. WhoAreYa

            It’s not MY argument – I attempted instead to give an interpretation of how elements of Irish public opinion perceive the two issues in answer to THAT musing of yours:

            “still don’t understand why there are no protests on the same scale (if any) held here in Ireland when the slaughter shows no sign of abating.”

            MY opinion is similar to jungleman – I think most Irish people do not feel they can directly influence the Syria theater as directly as they can the Israeli one. Like Ireland, Israel is a young democracy that in fact has close historical links with our nation – our native-born citizen was one of their first Presidents and Israelis are nominally at least, our allies and friends. Like any friend who goes off the rails you would if you are a friend, speak out and tell them that their carry on is unacceptable.

          21. HF

            But honestly, are you guys influencing the Israelis? Really? Are the protests, the blogs, the die ins really having any influence on the Israelis? Have they ever? The Israelis will finish theirs ops in Gaza when they think they’re ready to finish. No amount of protest outside the Israeli embassy will change that. But keep it up, I’m sure it makes you all feel better.

          22. ReproBertie

            Does it influence the Israelis? Well it certainly steps up their online astro-turfing campaign so they clearly care. Also it puts pressure on our own politicians who can put pressure on Israel through the UN and the ambassador. Unfortunately they’ve failed to do that so far but that’s no reason to quit.

            One minute you’re decrying the lack of protests for other countries and the next you’re dismissing protests entirely.

          23. WhoAreYa

            LOL – straw man, non sequitur, blowhard, irrelevant troll – go away, loser.

            No specific points to make regarding the Israel Gaza occupation and genocide so bring up some other conflict? Lame, but really made my day.

            As commenter mani might say, I don’t think you will be doing medicine in Trinity next year when the Leaving results come out.

          24. HF

            I’m glad I made your day whatareya!! Always happy to oblige. The fact that you made the trinity reference gives me a good idea of the immature and idiotic mind I’m dealing with here.

          25. WhoAreYa

            The fact you could not even argue on one point of substance without resorting to transition year reference points and style of argumentation undermined all attempts to present yourself as a reasonable person.

          26. HF

            By the way, I’m not here to make specific points regarding the so called occupation of Gaza. You and your buddies do that so beautifully.

          27. ReproBertie

            O’Donnells St? Where are you posting from?

            Syria is a different situation. A die in outside the Syrian embassy is unlikely to deter Islamic State from executing young Shia men in Iraq and Syria. If you have suggestions on how people in Ireland can bring pressure on Islamic State please share them.

            But it’s interesting that your defence of the slaughter of innocent Palestinian civilians by the IDF is “other countries are killing people and nobody cares about them”.

          28. ReproBertie

            Granted, you didn’t specifically defend the slaughter but you did say “I am interested in defending Israel against some of the bile and vitriol that is spewed against it here in Ireland” and call people who complained about the IDF’s slaughter of innocents “spooky”, “callous” and “rats” when not just resorting to direct insults at other posters.

            Also, not once in your posts have you condemned the slaughter. You’ve been far to busy playing the man instead of the ball.

            If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

          29. HF

            “Granted you never said that”. Wow, well I guess it doesn’t matter what I say, all that matters is the way you think I said it. And then you quote me as saying what you heard. That’s certainly one way of making someone out to be something they’re not, but you guys specialise in that subterfuge when you all think you’re right. I have said in a previous thread that I abhor the killing of civilians in Gaza just like the killings in Syria, which many on this forum plainly don’t care about at all because it does meet with their agenda.

          30. ReproBertie

            I’ve no idea what “you quote me as saying what you heard” is supposed to mean but I didn’t quote anything that you didn’t post in this thread.

            You’re some man to talk about making someone out to be somehting they’re not when , despite repeated posts about Syria and the reasons for the lack of protests, you continue with your nonsense about how posters don’t care about deaths there due to their “agenda”.

            Maybe take a second to figure out how the reply button works instead of just posting a new comment everytime.

          31. Medium Sized C

            I think there was a deletion today.
            And that usually messes up the comment trees.

          32. Starina

            your spelling is getting worse as you work yourself deeper and deeper into an apoplectic state.

          33. scottser

            and you care so much about the displaced of syria, holed up in refugee camps in gaza, that you support their being shelled by israel?

          34. rotide

            I didn’t say that anything wasn’t true. Maybe you should look up the word biased?

            “Since the year 2000, Israel has killed 1,500 Palestinian children, while Palestinians have killed 132 Israeli children. That means Israel has killed over 1,000% percent more Palestinian children than vice versa.”

            Let that sink in for a minute.

            I certainly can’t be bothered pointing out whats wrong with it.

          35. WhoAreYa

            Then shut the fupping fupp up. If you are in even going to try to debate ( perhaps you don’t know how) could be best to leave it to the adults.

          36. HF

            I”m sorry whatareya. Did I upset diddums??? Shut the fupping fup up???? Man, what age are you?? You sound like a drooling fool, just like the kind of canon fodder that your buddies in Hamas love. I would suggest if you like Gaza so much, run over some time and see it first hand. Do us all a favour, you utter friggin clown.

      2. jungleman

        All the statements in that Wikipedia entry appear to be backed up by reliable sources.

        1. Sidewinder

          Can’t help but notice that, despite the volume, not one of HF’s comments contains any fact based argument in support of Israel’s actions.

          1. HF

            Sidewinder, must have been nice up til now when everyone agreed with each other on this forum. Build a fire, sit around it, hold hands and sing songs of support for Hamas. Must be a shock to the system to realise that there are people here that think differently to you guys. Get used to it.

          2. jungleman

            HF, come on! You need some new material. The pro-Palestine/pro Hamas conflation has been debunked countless times on these threads, and yet you just keep banging away at it.

          3. ReproBertie

            What a surprise. HF supports Israel so HF claims everyone else supports Hamas. With me or against me, right sonny? No possibility that maybe we’re saying “A pox on both your houses. Stop killing children.” Of course not. Such an idea would explode your black and white world view. Well if it’s OK to claim that everyone who complains about Israel bombing children supports Hamas then it’s just as OK to say anyone supporting Israel is in favour of bombing children.

          4. Sidewinder

            They didn’t but nice try for a fact based argument. Your presence here is really fupping useful to all involved. Go have a biscuit.

          5. HF

            Now now, Whatareya. You’re not threatening violence there are ya?? Thought you guys were against all that thing!!

    2. Mani

      Wow. A veritable buffet of buffoonery. He’d be dangerous if he wasn’t so clearly deranged. The type of moron who believes he can win an argument by shouting louder than his opponent.

    3. Caroline

      lol. He has “angrily denied” that he has a drink problem. Claims that he is a turgid bag of Guinness farts meanwhile go unchallenged.

  14. BtotheB

    Nothing can excuse the indiscriminate slaughter of children. It’s not realistic to boycott everything made in Israel, but it is realistic to boycott what you can. It’s also realistic to let every Israeli know your feelings on the subject either in support or disgust. Not in an abusive way. If I meet an Israeli I simply plan saying: “I’m sure you’re a nice chap, but what your country is doing disgusts me on daily basis. Your country and me are finished in every way possible”.

    The USA and every EU country also share the blame for not sanctioning Israel (such a popular tactic when dealing with the Russians, North Korea, Iran and every other country that breaks International law, but not Israel).

    1. H

      Okay, now I do have to comment, do you think that the bombs going the other way were only hitting army targets and what about the suicide bombers getting on buses where they could look into the eyes of the passengers many of whom have been children? This has been going on for years, I have friends who have dedicated their lives to helping the relatives of the victims put their lives back together, I have heard many many first hand accounts of the attacks on Jerusalem and never once have these things made the news.

      There is wrong on both sides but Israel’s actions are not unprovoked and they are facing an enemy whose stated mission is basically to wipe them out and take their land. (http://www.thejerusalemfund.org/www.thejerusalemfund.org/carryover/documents/charter.html?chocaid=397)

      1. Sidewinder

        “never once have these things made the news”? Are you taking the piss?

        Also I too have friends who have worked over there. One spent six months with human rights watch on the Gaza border. He reckons the Israeli soldiers are as abused as the Palestinians they abuse. They’re indoctrinated, radicalised and then ordered to commit terrible crimes. And when they rebel or refuse or inform the world they’re abused by their government and their fellow citizens. He saw one Israeli soldier repeatedly point his weapon at Palestinian children, when asked why he said “the little ones grow into big ones”.

        To put it bluntly, that’s f*ck*d up.

      2. BtotheB

        Hang on. Israel’s mission is clearly to wipe out Palestine and take their land. Always has been. This is a land grab. Similar to what they have been doing on the West Bank for decades. Don’t think otherwise. They state they fire missiles into Palestine to defend themselves, but when Palestine do the same, they are the aggressor. It’s pure hypocrisy.

        Certainly Hamas are guilty of horrible crimes, but given their advanced position, Israel should be the morally superior of the two nations, but that is far, far from the case. Israel are employing terrorist tactics against a whole nation. If Israel was really interested in destroying all the Hamas rockets there are far more efficient ways of doing that than blowing up power plants, hospitals, UN shelters and playgrounds/beaches full of children. They have absolutely no regard for Palestinian civilian lives, so why should they expect the same in return. But that’s terrorist tactics for you and that’s tit-for-tat war for you. I assume Israel isn’t stupid. I assume they know every child in Gaza will grow up hating Israel with venom for killing their parents, cousins, friends etc. Unfortunately, it’s probably in their interest that this horrible cycle continues until there is nothing left of Palestine and Gaza City is an Israeli seaside resort.

        1. H

          Your points are well made but I think people need to acknowledge that Hamas have been employing terrorist tactics against a whole nation for a very long time.

          It’s a vicious cycle and it looked like they were close to moving towards a resolution in the naughties but as soon as Hamas gained power it all went south.

          A lot of people posting here seem to think that Israel didn’t exist prior to 1948 or 1967 and are only seeing the modern perspective, people need to learn their history and stop telling me I’m automatically wrong for seeing this from a different viewpoint.

          1. Joe

            “It’s a vicious cycle and it looked like they were close to moving towards a resolution in the naughties but as soon as Hamas gained power it all went south.”


            Israel has never ever had the political will to reach a resolution or even take the Palestinian people seriously enough to hold reasonable negotiations and it still remains exactly the same.

            Hamas is an obvious excuse to distract attention away from this underlying and fundamental problem.

            The situation will never be resolved without intervention and most likely not without the US leading the way or at least, appearing to do so.

  15. WhoAreYa

    HF: it may or may not influence the Israelis but as the poster ReproBertie highlights: it certainly gees up the hate-spewing fellow-travellers of the genocidal apologists into multiples of their ‘productivity’ on online forums.

    I suppose that this is what it’s all about alright in fairness – giving folks like yourself some ultimately misguided sense of self-worth and perceived functionality in the world.

  16. rotide

    WhoAreYa, the reply tree is beyond screwed up, but please stop throwing around terms like strawman and whatabouttery when you engage in the same sort of thing yourself.

    It’s making my head hurt. I may have to lie down.

  17. WhoAreYa

    Hi HF shut the fupping fupp up was to rotide, not directed at you but it might well have been.

    You are not getting me wound up about anything, over the course of yesterday it was shown how you had no arguments other than “death to Hamas” or “kill all the babies” and infantile tropes based on commenters avatars. You’re not even trying now to argue, a sign of how efficiently I and others have destroyed your talking points, you are not even a mouthpiece, just a mouth.

  18. Steve Kingston

    @HF – WOW, you are without a doubt the best new troll on Broadsheet, or anywhere else I’ve seen for that matter, LOVE your work. If only we could harness your power for good..

  19. John Clarke

    So the Israeli embassy posts this thing about hamas killing kids why? Do they really think we’re pro hamas for pointing out their heavy handedness in Gaza? Hamas killing kids doesn’t mean its OK for Israel killing kids.



    I wouldn’t mind but Hamas are still firing rockets.

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