Indecent Haste


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Former Justice Minister Alan Shatter

In the High Court…

It is also alleged the terms of reference for the report did not entitle Mr [Sean GuerinGuerin to reach the conclusions he had. There was failure to consider all the relevant documents, including documents from Mr Shatter and the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission. It is alleged Mr Guerin regarded himself as bound by a fixed eight-week time limit and he should have, but failed, to take the additional time necessary for the report. It is alleged “indecent haste” in concluding the report led to errors, including alleged failure to fully engage with the process.

Shatter brings High Court challenge to findings of Guerin report (Irish Times)

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9 thoughts on “Indecent Haste

  1. bisted

    Former Justice Minister Alan Shatter
    Former Justice Minister Alan Shatter – love reading that.

    1. WhoAreYa

      He’s probably doing a bit of publicity for a new book.

      In fairness the quality of his fiction writing has improved.

  2. phil

    He is right of course, Guerin should have considered it for 14 years …

    Was Guerin paid, probably not, its was a prompt report …

  3. Joe

    Did he not consider it unjust that O’Mahony didn’t interview McCabe? Sauce for the goose …

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