Meanwhile, At A Direct Provision Centre



A direct provision accommodation centre for asylum seekers in Lissywollen, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Brian O’Connell spoke to Keelin Shanley on RTÉ’s Today With Sean O’Rourke this morning to discuss the direct provision system for asylum seekers.

During his discussion with Ms Shanley, Mr O’Connell referred to disturbing case file he saw involving a mother with mental health issues, in the direct provision system.

Mr O’Connell did not disclose her name or where she lives.

Brian O’Connell: “Whether or not this person’s underlying mental health issues were created or caused by direct provision, obviously is very hard to say. But what is clear from the case files that I’ve seen is that they’re certainly not being helped by the delay in their case being processed, they’re in the system for a number of years. Now this person has one child and the parent’s mental health, she suffered so much that she thought her child was a witch and she poured boiling water over them. So, a really disturbing incident. Since she was refused asylum, initially, there has been a significant deterioration in her condition and also we know the UN [Human Rights] committee said that prolonged duration in direct provision centres in Ireland is not conducive to family life. Now this parent is presently being given access to a range of supports and they’re stable. And a team is helping them deal with their issues and also to support them as a parent. But the issue here, Keelin, is that they’re still under threat of deportation, back to a country, their home country which doesn’t even recognise her underlying mental illness. They wouldn’t have any supports there. So the big issue is not only for her but also her child. Without these supports, that they’re getting currently, the child would be in danger. So I suppose the humanitarian aspect of this case is being overlooked and unless an appeal is successful, they could be deported. And this is a real mental health issue being exasperated by the length of time they’re in the direct provision system, as the medical notes that I’ve seen would show.”

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11 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At A Direct Provision Centre

  1. Drogg

    This country really disgusts me and the worst part about it is those upper class muppets with there right wing agenda that we have voted into power don’t give a f**k about anyone under the party donator pay grade. Also f**k labour and Joan Brutal they where supposed to be the left hand to hold back FG’s right but if anything they just guided the right to hit more and more innocent targets. Why can’t we have politicians who care about running a country well and giving people decent lives. Where is their civic duty and their humanity, do they really think fencing off these people is going to help anyone?

  2. Baz

    Broadsheet muppets spending other peoples taxes again I see.

    There is no magic money tree, it’s idiotic to think we have an obligation to chancers. It’s time to start deporting that will remove the need for ‘disgusting’ provision centres.

    Problem solved.

    1. sheepeyes

      If only being a muppet was enough to get you deported. Baz would be first in line for the next plane out.

    2. jungleman

      Going by all of your posts, you must win the award for most right-wing commenter on BS.

  3. Jock

    I support first provision. It has kept the number of illegal immigrants down. If we gave asylum seekers the right to work immediately we’d effectively have an open border.

    1. ahjayzis

      It’s not about letting them work while they wait a decade in a holding centre for a decision.

      It’s speedily verifying their claims and granting them refugee status, or discovering they’re not eligible and deporting.

      What’s the problem with that? The status quo punishes already traumatised people genuinely in need of asylum, institutionalises their kids and supports ineligible chancers for years and years.

    2. Barry the Hatchet

      If you think giving asylum seekers the right to work and throwing open the borders with no regulation are effectively the same thing, I suggest you take a look at the situation pre-1999, read a book, get some empathy and cop the f**k on.

  4. Haroo von Haroo

    In 20 years time there will be revelations about sexual abuse, child prostitution etc at direct provision centres. Just wait and see.

    1. scottser

      i suspect you’ll be proved right haroo. the system is unregulated, providers are paid a packet with little accountability or oversight and support staff (if they have them) are chronically overworked but unable to provide realistic move-out options so they end up firefighting. creating an environment like that is a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty behaviours – no risk assessments carried out etc. and don’t get me started on the child protection issues:

  5. Paul Davis

    The person who iced the cake need deporting for the incorrect use of the lower case i…

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