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  1. RF

    Nothing worse than when you get ripped off for your morning cup of A1 matt arch prints.

    I remember when they used to be 15p and the bags were a lot bigger. They actually tasted like cheese and onion then too.

  2. Gerard

    What’s the problem here? A1 prints for a tenner?
    If you don’t like it print them at home. Oops, you don’t have an A1 printer at home.

  3. Jade

    I don’t know what the issue here is. As far as I can tell that’s cheaper than Reads.

  4. f-mong

    I use printers a lot and I can’t *really* see anything too wrong with the price. All these print places are pricey, if you don’t own a printer or have access to one it’s a sellers market..

    Anyway I doubt Hackett’s print many A1 archotect prints so they’re right to charge a premium price to mantain a machine that isn’t used much, etc, etc… economies of scale innit!

    1. Atticus

      They’d print a lot in fairness, it’s a fairly popular size in construction. It’d use the same size roll as A0 so no really difference other than being half the size.

  5. Karen

    It’s €20 for A1 prints at my local printer. €10 is very cheap. Unless of course you want them printed on chip shop paper?

  6. Ellybabes

    Unless you are buying prints in bulk, that’s what you are going to pay. A basic color A1 / A0 printer is about €4k, and Hackett’s would have much bigger machines to handle volume printing, never mind the associated PC gear for processing the prints. In volume, with agreed discounts, you might get it down to around €2 per sheet, but that would be for hundreds of prints, all correctly set up and ready to print.

  7. Tibor

    Yes, that’s actually a pretty fair price. You can shop about online and maybe get a better deal, but A1 prints are huge; for a quality print job, especially if it’s a high resolution print and a matt finish, this is a good price.

    Where did she get them before? If she can get them cheaper at a walk in shop I have a friend doing architecture who would be very interested in knowing where. Especially if she can get them so cheap that still-less-than €10 seems wildly expensive.

      1. Tibor

        Yes, it is. Apologies, I noticed that while my comment was still in that “soon to be moderated limbo” and cringed every single second of it.
        Sorry, Troy.
        Thank you, Small Wonder :)

  8. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    How much would it cost to get an A1 print of Temple Bar Pub at the Airport?

  9. Ian

    This is a good price for such a short large format print run. If you were buying 10+ it would be expensive

    The cost of materials is quite low but the labour isn’t so much. The file needs to be set up, the printer loaded with the correct paper and the prints then cut back to size.

    It’s a tough gig these days. Glad I don’t have to do it anymore!

  10. CK

    Would it not have been better to ask for the price first? Instead, you complain online about it after the fact? Seems quite reasonable to me, especially given the overheads of running a city centre business. Just sayin’.

  11. Richard

    Found a great way to solve these issues years ago….

    Me: how much will that cost?

    Shop worker: That will be *some expensive price*

    Me: Thanks I’ll leave it for now.

    What is so wrong with asking the price of something before deciding to get it?

  12. noisymute

    Large format on non standard stock? Whats the problem? Reasonable price for off the street customers.
    Hacketts print quality on digital would generally be above average. With the likes of print save etc you’ll get what you pay for.

  13. 15 cents

    that’s actually quite good. in college (graphic designer) i never found anyone to print A1 at that price.

  14. Troy

    This is the problem with our country. We accept that a mark up in the thousands is acceptable!

    I am an Architect who has worked in the States, UK and Canada. These were bog standard black & white floor plan prints with some small red keys. We had to use Hacketts as our printer packed in last minute.

    I can assure you that internationally these prices are insane! But the sad fact is we as a nation will put up with this and so it will go on! resolution emigrate! ;-)

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