Watch Coghlan’s army take on the USA in their opening game of the IRB Women’s Rugby World Cup LOIVE on TG4 from Paris at 3:50 pm today.

Allez les verts!!

IRB Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014

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12 thoughts on “Éire Abú

  1. Jock

    The attention women’s rugby is getting is ridiculous. There seems to be a converted media effort to give it equal billing to the men’s.

    Good luck to them but when one of their stars took the game up at 24 you know it’s extremely low level sport. Your average j4 player would have more experience in their lifetime.

    1. ReproBertie

      How can a sport be helped to grow if it is not given coverage? Why would a girl of 12 or 13 be interested in taking up the sport if it’s bot treated seriously? There are 6 games on today but only the Ireland game is being shown and it’s on TG4 (who have been brilliant when it comes to rugby coverage). For the Men’s RWC next year every game will be shown live, just as it was for Brazil.

      I’m sure if you ask nicely the men with clubs forcing you to watch it will let you look away now and again.


    2. thefatlad

      Dont be such a sap!

      Just because someone takes up the game late doesn’t mean that they lack talent. And these women could mop the floor with most lads.

      I’m sure they appreciate your “fair play to them” pat on the head though.

  2. chimpy

    Thats me cousin! They’ll have it tough against the kiwi’s but USA and Kazakhstan should be okay. coygig

  3. Publin

    If you want to watch it in a pub it’s definitely on in-
    Bankers bar dame lane. Burger and a pint or a bottle of sol for €8
    The 51 bar haddington road. Pint of beer or glass of wine and anything off their evening menu for €12.
    Waterloo bar baggot street over the canal. Selected cocktails €5.

    1. Publin

      The Bankers have galway hooker, some O’Haras and a decent bottle selection.
      Waterloo have a good bottle seletection (brewdog, galway hooker, and a few more irish)
      The 51 I’m not too sure, but I’d imagine they’d have the same bottled selection as waterloo as they’re owned by the same group.

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