Meanwhile, In Wolfe Tone Square



Dublin last night.

TH writes:

“I Witnessed this attack last night. I called an ambulance directly after. Before they arrived a second women stamped and kicked the victims head a few more times and bashed her head into the ground. Ambulance arrived soon after and she was taken away.
“These people had been drinking all day in the square with their young children; urinating into the planters and throwing glass bottles around. Moments after the ambulance left police arrived, not to make arrests or confiscate alcohol, but to ask the group to move on. I wish I could say this was unusual but it happens every other day.”

33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Wolfe Tone Square

  1. Jimmy Ireland

    You should pass this to the cops. You might see arrests made then. When they showed up they can’t just attempt to arrest a large group of people without knowing who was responsible. If they were drinking together all day it’s likely they all claimed to be the victims friend.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Stop looking to be victimised. You come across like Reverend Lovejoy’s wife.

  2. Am i still On this Island

    Absolute scumbags! It really is disheartening to see this go unpunished

  3. the good helen

    dear god, i’ve seen it all, am i right in seeing a little lad running around while this is happening?????? If my young lad saw something like this it would traumatise him for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ahh Feck

      I’m pretty sure the person who did the first lot of kicks gets handed a child right afterwards.

    1. DeSelby

      You look at this, and the first thing you think is “D’Northside”? You sound like a fool.

  4. Sheila

    Just I read about this in a comment on the Journal – hey don’t judge me, reading some of the comments there make me feel good about myself – not the one on this though. I thought living by the canal was bad…

  5. Phil

    And those young children will be doing the same in 10/15 years time with their kids. Its a vicious circle.

  6. Ailsa

    Not sure what time this was at, but there were a group of people shouting on our street nearby last night. It went on for ages and we phoned the gardai, but the group was gone before they got there. It was 4 men and a woman.

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’m warming to the Brits’ idea of drink tags. We’re far too tolerant when it comes to booze-fueled street crime.

  8. Everybody

    Next time can you edit this footage into one of those fluffy videos’ about how much hipsters love Dublin.

  9. Kolmo

    Ah, the common or garden inner city Ferals. The cycle of maladjusted, traumatically damaged childhood continues right before our very eyes. If they act like that on the street, in full public view – inside their homes can only be proper nil-by-mouth nightmare. God help anyone who tried to break that up, they’d ate you, even the wan getting her head stamped on.

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