18 thoughts on “It’ll Be Apartments In Romania Next

  1. Odis

    I don’t know – I’ve seen that miserable mural in Ireland recently. Maybe in a furniture shop.

  2. Happy Molloy

    these ads pop up every now and again, usually a super stylish place about 200 below market rate.
    “landlord ” will ask about you over email and say they aren’t in the country but you can just western union the deposit to them and the place is yours

    1. Tom Stewart


      Again, if someone is stupid enough to do that, they deserve to have their money taken from them.

  3. jim

    These ads appear very, very regularly on Daft – often massive penthouse type apartments that clearly aren’t in Dublin and priced way below market rent. There’s never a phone number and the owner name is invariably something way too generic to be true (and always very ‘un-Irish’). Clearly a scam – no mystery there. There is some mystery though in how they manage to bypass Daft’s safety and security measures – if you post an ad on Daft, it doesn’t get published “until it has been reviewed and approved by a member of our team”. So do theae ads get published? And you have to pay with a credit card, so whoever places the ad should be traceable. I have flagged loads of these ads – they come down but are back up a few days later. My guess is that Daft know fully well what’s happening but are happy to take the steady stream of €75 fees and just remove the ads once they’re flagged.

    1. Colm

      Paid with stolen credit card numbers and the charges will be reversed by the bank once the card is reported. If anything they will lose money (the transaction fee) on these ads. So I doubt it is in their interest at all.

  4. Sal

    Tis cruel to us poor mugs that are looking for a place right now – I was one of the suckers that emailed that I was interested – it was only when I disappeared a did a google search I found out that is was only sold last month for €303,000 and they only wanted €900 a month that I realised that some at was wrong – unfortunately there is a lot of ‘green’ people in the market! Mind you I’m not totally ‘daft’ there is no way I would have send any money without seeing the place! Wish me luck lads……

  5. Janasset

    Myself and my flatmate inquired about this place when it was up a few months ago. Knew from the first email it was a scam but we got great craic out of it. Veronica provided us with a copy of her passport. She was “English” (British citizen), and worked as a “constructor engineer”.
    Not a career I’d heard of myself…..
    Still we took the piss out of her quite a bit, was great entertainment.

  6. Selfie sensation

    Lots of people fall for these scams or at least come close, often foreign exchange students who aren’t experienced about renting or don’t know how the proceedure is supposed to go. Frequent threads about them on boards.ie

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