11 thoughts on “Whoa

  1. Skerries

    i saw this on reddit and some people are saying it is fake because of the train passing in the background, Really! have you not heard or seen of editing? anyway you can see the unedited version at the end of the video
    also roofers were saying his trousers would be destroyed but you can see they actually are when he lands

    1. smellyer

      whether or not it’s fake, which I take no side on whatsoever, it’s a pretty irresponsible way for a company to market itself. The proviso of having one caption saying ‘professional stuntman’ did not justify an advertisement for a product (which is in essence just a handheld camera) that shows it’s user jumping off rooftops, unsupervised.

      1. I, Scooperman

        Unsupervised? Mammy wasn’t there? (there could have been a crew of 30 off camera btw)

  2. deliverancecountry

    Mad – felt quesy when he looked over the edge. Arm strapping at start suggests he calculated how he was going to absorb the bone-shattering impacts. Nice editing, probably not aliens. His mammy will be vexed about his pants.

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