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Laura Gaynor writes:

As part of the SpunOut media fund we made a video about job interviews. We’re hoping that it’s informative and/or vaguely entertaining for the potential audience of 382,000 people on the live register. We’d love if you’d check it out and feel free to add your own tips!



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3 thoughts on “Interview Tips

  1. fluffybiscuits

    One thing I can add is that a question like ‘What is your weak points’ can be turned around with ‘I have a tendency to be over enthusiastic so may rush things’ or ‘I work to deadlines as I like to double check things’. Most interviews are bullshit anyways. I got a good job years ago as I managed to give another mobile number I had and gave my own reference! Got the job and moved on *chuckles*

    There is dressing down for an interview but in some cases there is over dressing too, I went for an interview in my current job in slacks and shirt and then subsequently saw they were in jeans and t shirts so second time around tahts what I did and there I am!

  2. chicken

    I’m no expert, but I attended some interview training courses for competency based interviews in my job (need to interview for promotions/other staff movements). This is slightly different from the standard rehash of your CV ones in Ireland, but I think some of it still applies. It is important to have examples & to show how you can handle certain situations as this shows more details about you and how you will fit in their team.
    It can be something like you what are you weaknesses – and you can say well ‘I have a tendency to be over enthusiastic so may rush things’ (as above) but actually what you could say is that + I have a tendency to be over enthusiastic so may rush things’ which I did in this project and I realised I did XXX incorrectly as I did not check through it fully. When I realised my mistake I took on the responsibility to correct it and put in place a procedure where I double check the information and also have a peer revierw when I can. ( or I leave it for 1/2 hour & check again etc.” This kind of information gives the interviewer a much better understanding of who you are. – & this kind of response can be used a few differently phrased questions –

  3. Ronan

    I’ve a few tips to add,
    Be aware on what you have on your CV, interviewers tend to ask about its contents, like the achievements section. From my experience it’s usually just been small talk, but it helps when you’re able to chat happily about what you have in your CV (without overdoing it though) when asked about it.

    Also, if you are currently, or recently have been in secondary school or college, be prepared to say a sentence or two about it, with calm confidence in what you say about it and how you say it.

    Also, when leaving the interview, never turn your back to the interviewer. Sounds tough since you’ve to open a door behind you without looking awkward about it, but it’s a key tip I was always reminded of before interviews.

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