Wanted: Artists To Complicate The 1916 Narrative


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Dublin’s GPO after the 1916 Easter Rising

Can this possibly end well?

The Little Museum of Dublin writes:

We are delighted to announce a commissioning programme to produce artworks for public exhibit at the Little Museum in 2016. Inviting artists who work in any media, this exciting project will see the museum commission small scale art projects to commemorate the 1916 Rising, intersecting with present-day perspectives on commemoration, remembrance and the function of history as a component of civic awareness.

As a cultural institution whose primary goal is educational, the Little Museum is wary of providing simplistic accounts of the past. The archivist Catriona Crowe has spoken of the need to complicate the narrative during this decade of commemorations. With that in mind, we want to create audacious public interventions that provoke, educate and entertain.

To introduce our commissioning programme, curator Simon O’Connor will host a public information evening in the museum on Thursday 7th August at 6pm. Artists and interested members of the public are invited to attend.


The Little Museum 2016 Commissioning Programme (Little Museum of Dublin)

Pic: Humphrys

19 thoughts on “Wanted: Artists To Complicate The 1916 Narrative

  1. Del McG

    Can’t see a problem with that myself. The common conception amongst the public (especially armchair provos) is that it was “the valiant Irish against the tyranical Brits and the Irish won”. Maybe it’s time to present different points of view here.

    1. Wayne Carr

      Hear bloody hear. All Irish Republicans are mindless f**ktards, who have no ability to think for themselves. Every single one of them is an ignorant moron. We need thinking people, like John Bruton, to stand up and be counted.

      In fact, and it’s not a stereotype because it’s true, ALL Republicans think that we won 1916, and that we’ve been fully independent since. Most Republicans know nothing of the War of Independence and the Civil War.

      1. jungleman

        Not sure whether you’re serious, but surely most FF supporters would be educated middle-class types. Lots of farmers support FF too I suppose, but they’re hardly to be described as armchair provos and the majority of them would have a solid knowledge of the war of independence and the civil war. The problem is that the republicans that are vocally republican today are scumbags for the most part and give republicanism a dirty name.

        1. Wayne Carr

          I’m being deadly serious. Del McG obviously has a good grasp of Republicans (especially armchair ones), and I think he should be encouraged. He’d certainly be a better leader than Enda Kenny, what? Amiright? What?

          1. jungleman

            I read it again there. Can’t believe I didn’t sense the sarcasm. I need to go for a walk.

    1. Mé Féin

      Typical armchair provos simplifying the narrative. It was taken from a helmet cam on a bungie jumper who had just dived off a hang glider being towed by a drone operated by his pet dog.
      As an aside, you will see in the bottom left of the picture a cyclist breaking a red light.

  2. Dublinentendre

    Plough and the Stars- performed by junkies and the homeless. Sponsored by Spar, Centa and Supermacs…

  3. Tom Stewart

    I would have thought that their primary concern would be that the accounts they present are true and accurate, instead of worrying about things like simplistic/narrative-complicating…

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      A bizarre choice of words for a public educational project, unless they are seeking to intellectualise the rebellion.
      Context would be key here. Kilmainham Gaol do a good job with this.

      1. WhoAreYa

        Isn’t that Trevor White involved in this museum? If so no wonder it’s a pretentious wankfest

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