Estate Of The Nation


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.25.25

Moyross Estate in Limerick


A Paris-based international human rights body [International Federation for Human Rights] lodged claims on behalf of 130,000 residents in estates in inner city Dublin and Limerick over sewage problems, persistent leaks, harmful damp and mould after charities at home did not take up the cause

The complaint also focuses on crime and anti-social behaviour and accuses the State of a strategy of deliberate neglect to further run down already dilapidated flat complexes which sit on prime development land.

The report also targeted the €3bn Limerick Regeneration scheme for failing to complete promised work in estates such as Moyross, Southill, St Mary’s Park, and Ballinacurra Weston. It states only €116m has been spent.

The FIDH complaint accuses local authorities of a conflict of interest as councils act as landlords and also enforce regulations.

State housing violates human rights (Irish Examiner)


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21 thoughts on “Estate Of The Nation

  1. scottser

    all very well, but housing is not a right. you have a right to have your housing need assessed and you have a right to shelter, but you don’t have a right to housing – sec 10 Housing Act 1988.

    but since the council’s budget is now linked to the property tax, upgrades and maintenance works on those estates will probably have to wait or be phased in over a number of years.

  2. Mister Mister

    Here’s a thing, how about they don’t wreck the places they’re given and do a bit of maintenance on their homes themselves instead of wanting everything done themselves ? Might feel better having done it too.

    1. Cathal

      @Mister Mister

      You’d be a great tenant, can you fix structural damage as well as sewage pipes? Priory Hall is just a fixer upper in your minds eye?

      I think the problems run deeper than mending this and that.

      1. Mister Mister

        I’m not talking about Priory Hall, but use that example to suit yourself, sure why not.

    2. WhoAreYa

      Because when they do that the council comes in and says ‘that’s unauthorised development… take it down’ or ‘oh built a rear extension did you, ok floor area has increased, you must pay us more rent’

      Go into a district court any day of the week you see cases like this

      1. scottser

        gas thing is that if you put in new windows, floors, kitchen etc into your council house and later surrender it, the council will rip out all of your improvements and put it back to its original condition because the works may not have been done by an authorised contractor.

  3. Boycott Israel

    Very disappointed to see Broadsheet link to a typically puerile article by Barry Duggan in a 2008 edition of the Independent. The picture on their page (which you’ve republished above) isn’t one of Moyross. But, what matter. It’s only Limerick so why bother with facts?

  4. Hosanna in the Hiace

    Serious question:

    Why file this under “Human Rights”

    wouldn’t “Tenants’ rights” be more accurate and less hysterical?

    if my car is unfairly clamped is that “Human rights” or “Motorists’ rights”

    1. scottser

      hiace has a point. housing is touted as a human right but it’s not underpinned by legislation.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Human health hazard would be more accurate; human rights have a different charter entirely.

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