When I Think Of Bray



Bray seafront last Summer

A pair of tickets to see Heathers perform LIVE at the Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Co Wicklow was on offer.

We asked: what are your thoughts of existential seaside town Bray – a place some of us at the ‘sheet like to call home.

You responded in your dozens.

Runners up:

“When I think of Bray I think I need to go, I need to run away for blah blah…for a while…for a while.” (Mort)

“When I think of Bray, I think of Smelly Balls’ ” (Lynsey)

When I think of Bray I think of Ice cream, a beach that’s more stones, than beach, touching weird things in the aquarium and my Nanny stealing all my change so she can go play the slots.” (Rebecca McGrane)


“When I think of Bray I think of the fat old Labrador who waddled up over the cold grey shingle and puked up his half-digested chips over my milky childhood feet.” (3stella’)

Mermaid Arts Centre

UPDATE: 3Stella can’t make the concert. Rebecca McGrane bags the tickets.

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3 thoughts on “When I Think Of Bray

  1. 3stella

    Hi Clampers, Sorry if only i knew and saw this a few mins earlier! had too refuse and wanted too pass them to the runners up, it’s in the hands of Bodgers big spinning lucky drum now! till our our paths cross again!!!

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