75 thoughts on “Carrion Regardless

    1. Granty

      Moron is going a bit far. I just think the Ryanair person didn’t understand the word carrion…

  1. Bobby

    Ronan, whatever dreams you have of one day being an entertainer/comedian….kill them off now. As quickly and humanely as possible.

    1. Granty

      Like most educated folk, I tend to live my life in accordance with the nuggets of advice I receive from the comments sections of various blogs. Your brutally honest and frank appraisal of words I wrote on Twitter was a revelation. Consider the dreams you imagined for me, dead.

  2. Eoghany

    What the hell is wrong with you all? That IS funny. And I learned a new word in the process.

  3. Pol

    Humour Tip #362.
    Jokes based around homophones are generally only funny if you say them, not type them.

    1. Granty

      Hey thanks Pol. Can you DM me? I’d like to see about getting the other 361 tips. Hard back or digital, whatever.

  4. Franco

    Love this new phenomenon of people engaging with brands through social media in an overt “look at me, I’m so funny and witty” kind of way. “I’m getting one over on the social media intern while my friends/followers think it’s hilarious”

  5. Kieran NYC

    What a prat.

    Deliberately confusing someone and laughing when someone is confused.


  6. John Cassidy

    I thought it was quite funny too. It’s a bit of harmless fun at Ryanair’s expense. It’s not as if we know the identity of the hapless drone who replied.

    1. Smashmouth

      That’s twice the Ryanair employee has been referred to as a drone here.

      I find that more disrespectful than the “joke”

  7. ploppy

    Teeth-grindingly unfunny. One can only sympathise with the Ryanair employee forced to exchange tweets with this self-regarding bell-end.

    1. Granty

      I feel more sympathy with you, having to exchange comments with me. You should be able to get a gum shield from your dentist that you could wear while reading Broadsheet.

  8. Blah

    Ronan you’ve never had to work in Spar or similar, have you?

    95% of customers are grand. 5% cause you hassle for no reason and generally make the job disheartening/unenjoyable. You’re in the 5%, Ronan. Stop being a pr*ck.

    1. Granty

      Does a pub count? Or a carnival? You’re being way too easy going with 5%. People are the worst. For example, imagine someone who took a joke way too seriously. See, there are pricks everywhere.

      1. Granty

        I was simply trying to ascertain if there were some sort of prohibitive conditions that would preclude my bringing this bag onboard the plane.

        1. Mikeyfex

          Yay! You did me! Must say, the last few mins has been pretty entertaining, fair play for responding to everyone. It didn’t go well for you in fairness, odd response to a jokey post on a friday.

          1. Mikeyfex

            Distance myself from that comment. He got a lot of abuse and he’s giving it back. He’s in a lose lose situation with most people.

          2. Granty

            Hey Miami, solidifying my newfound bellend status means everything to me. And to have it ratified by yourself is an honour. 2 things though – 1. honestly your name is excellent. 2. you should probably read posts you +1 very carefully. Use your finger and put it under each word as you read it, I find that helps.

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