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Thérèse McKenna is a freelance journalist and a MA student in Motion Graphics at Letterkenny Institute of Technology in Donegal.

She writes:

“Children of asylum seekers in direct provision are unseen and unheard – this piece considers how a child might see things, or what life feels like for a little person stuck in that system. I made it as part of my MA in Motion Graphics at Letterkenny Institute of Technology – because I wanted more people to know about this situation and I hoped that telling the story visually might bring it to a wider audience. It’s no way to live.”

In the video, the child’s voice is that of Joanna Siewierska, while the male voiceover is that of Niall Crampton.

Visit to learn more about direct provision and to find out how you can help.

End Institutional Living

Therese McKenna

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  1. scottser

    i heard a solicitor on matt cooper there last week, stating that out of all state insitutions, HIQA does not have a remit to inspect quality standards at direct provision centres. essentially, these lads who provide direct provision are subject to internal audit only. wrongwrongwrongwrongwrong

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