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Actress Angeline Ball at the launch of Home Cook’s Acadamy, a new cookery show starting on September 4 on TV3 searching for Ireland’s best ‘home cooks’ and home made dishes.

Sponsored by Safefood and Tesco, Angeline will present the nNOMNOMNOMN

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

30 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. Tom Stewart

    God. Angeline Ball is holding up well in fairness to her.

    (I considered whether or not it was fair to consider her appearance fair game for comment. But then I reminded myself that she is sprawled on a table over a bunch of veg)

  2. Deadly

    Broadsheet. Why are ye deleting all the posts that compliment how well Angeline Ball is looking? Good natured as they are. Some of them quoting The Commitments etc. I’m willing to learn.

  3. Dirmius

    Yep my comment first had an expletive censored out, I get this, but then it was deleted altogether. Really don’t know why.

  4. Deadly

    My first had No expletives and was just a general ‘she’s looking well’, type deal. Like some of the other comments. One commenter directly quoted a line from The Commitments to make this point.
    Is it sexist to say an attractive woman is looking well now? I haven’t been keeping up with things.

  5. Caroline

    Holme’s Cusks Acckademmy lokk’s grate. “Well done” (pun intended!!) TV3 another “cracker” (pun… intended?). Well worth all the money I pay to stop myself slitting my eyeballs.

      1. chris

        I see what you mean.
        She certainly got younger looking in the past year..

        In fairness, she looks great in the video, and doesn’t look her age, but 25? No.

  6. muffy

    My comment which has been deleted was a direct quote from the Commitments, and you should be revoked of Irish citizenship for not recognising it.

  7. Dhaughton99

    BTW Can you call her an “actress”. Thought “actor” was de rigueur for females now or is that just with NPR.

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