14 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Tom Stewart

    I got an stove-top espresso maker when I was in college. I’d make a full pot and loved the buzz it gave me, which made studying better and easier somehow.

    It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that it was a family-sized pot (d’oh). By then it was too late – this was the amount I had become accustomed to.

    I still make it, but only once, at the start of the day. I’m in control of my habit (for now).

  2. Wilson-IRL

    I had to cut out almost my entire daily caffeine intake under doctor’s orders about 7 weeks ago (test to lower effects of acid reflux). First week was kinda weird. Lots of headache’s and a tendency to get pissed off at eejits very easily.

    After about two weeks of 2.5l of water and maybe one cup of tea per day i felt like i had more energy throughout the day. No crazy low or high energy moments. After 7 weeks i have noticed the shake in my hands has almost disappeared.

      1. Wilson-IRL

        Yeah, but it doesn’t take much to get to that level. 1-2 bottles of coke and a few cups of tea and coffee per day. It’s an average intake but after 10-15 years, I suppose it starts to show the damage it causes.

  3. Mr. T.

    One decent cup in the morning is the most anyone should have.

    Instant coffee is absolute muck. Never drink it. Very bad for you.

    1. donkey kong

      No way..not falling for that. Kenco use the same beans with their instant as with the ground. The ads don’t lie.

  4. H

    Had to stop it altogether a few years ago because of acid reflux, I always preferred the tay anyway so it was no great loss.

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