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Paul Delaney, of the Cornmarket Project in Wexford



The Cornmarket Project

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22 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. Baz

    Gonna quit? You’ll quit, no bed or clinic or crutch required.

    Facilities for addicts = talking shops / meeting points for ‘pals’

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    More lives have been lost to heroin than through terrorism, so why don’t we have internment without trial for suspected drug barons and gang members?

    1. Ms Piggy

      Or maybe, since the ‘War on Drugs’ has run even longer than the ‘Warcon Terror’, but shown just as few signs of success, we could rethink both of them, and adopt approaches based on evidence and common sense?

  3. Kolmo

    20,000?!! That is a hellish amount of addiction that needs feeding everyday, We can safely assume it is funded mostly through petty crime, thefts, muggings, hold-ups, burglary, prostitution etc – that level of addiction is the cause of a huge amount of crime and further damage to the addicts and quality of life for those sharing a space with these people, would it be cheaper for the state to supply heroin to registered addicts for free (i.e. Taxpayer funded) in a medically safe situation, therefore removing the need for criminality, reducing the very risky choices the addicts make and policing/incarceration costs. Methadone seems to work only if there is a follow-up support on trying to help these very damaged people which is generally non-existent despite the best efforts of various charities.

    Does anyone know if Ibogaine treatment has ever been used in Ireland?

    1. Baz

      Don’t you get it?

      Heroin is so cheap in Ireland that if an addict were to spend their entire SW payments on the stuff per week that they would OD.

      We live on an Island, yet 20,000 can feed a particular illegal habit at a low cost.

      There’s no crime wave from smack heads, mostly visually ugly zombies

      The arrogant decided a good while ago how ‘things could be managed’

      1. Kolmo

        I genuinely did not realise heroin was that cheap. If the problem was a middle-class problem do you think it would be left to fester for 30 years, I think we’d agree that it would be dealt with a long time ago

        1. Baz

          Stop the supply, intern the dealers, watch the price sky rocket, then you will have a crime wave.

          I’m not sure you followed through my point, the mindless petty crime is often by youngsters undeterred by ambivalent Gardai and justice system

          Conspiracy theorists rant on about flouride in water chemtrails in the sky yet the actual only drugging of the masses is by self choice..

      2. fmong

        Really? How much is heroin then? SW payments are sweet FA, I’d be really really surprised if it’s enough to feed a serious habit. I’d look more at the epidemic of bike theft, minor break ins, tourism pick pocketing a the steadily more aggressive tone of some of the “begging” that goes on.

        I lived in and around the Dophins Bar area 10 years ago and it was clear that there was a serious problem growing, it’s obviously hit tipping point and started to affect the middle class voters, thus it’s becoming a talking point..

  4. fluffybiscuits

    Igbogaine was a drug touted as being a cure for a while. Supposedly jammed receptors in the brain that caused cravings. Never heard anymore on it.

    More often than not addicts are seen as being less than human by other people who never know where their own predicament might put them at some stage

  5. Paul Davis

    Are one in seven people in Wexford on heroin?


    Granted being whacked out of it would impair your ability to do maths.

    Obviously massaging the numbers to get financing.

    1. Jasper

      Paul, ease off the old Ganja there it’s obviously affecting your ability to read, he mentions 20,000 heroin users in the country not little old Wexford

  6. Haroo von Haroo

    Yep that’s well known. I’m surprised people didn’t know that. That’s why they give them methadone.

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