Double Bill Hunting?



In a tribute to Robin Williams, community organisation Happenings will host a screening of Dead Poets Society (1989) tomorrow night in Merrion Square with the gates opening at 8pm, tickets €5.

Happenings will also host a screening of Good Will Hunting (1997) in Fitzwilliam Square on Saturday, with the gates opening at 7.30pm and the tickets €10.

Proceeds from Thursday evening’s event will go towards Pieta House, while another mental health organisation – yet to be decided – will receive the proceeds from Saturday night’s event.

A tribute to Robin Williams (Happenings)

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28 thoughts on “Double Bill Hunting?

  1. John E. Bravo

    I rewatched GWH last night. Forgotten how much teenage me had a crush on Minnie Driver, bad Irish accent and all.

    1. John E. Bravo

      He was the best thing in that film, in fairness. Should do Death to Smoochie and One Hour Photo for the full gamut of Williams.

      1. Optimus Grime

        John I agree fully but I don’t think it’s suitable a couple of days after his death. Perhaps in a week or so once people have had time to settle and come to terms with it.

        1. Bejayziz

          “Perhaps in a week or so once people have had time to settle and come to terms with it.” – Seriously?

          1. Optimus Grime

            Yes seriously. Would it not be more appropriate to show people the characters he played that celebrated life, grasped it and enjoyed it rather than one who took it.

          2. Disgrace

            It’s just the wrong tone for what is obviously some sort of tribute to him – something like Good Will Hunting, or the aforementioned ‘Death to Smoochy’ (an underrated classic) would be a better.. even Mrs Doubtfire. As great as he is in Insomnia, it’s Al Pacino’s film and it’s very dark

        1. John E. Bravo

          Let down as I recall by a wishywashy performance from the female lead? Otherwise yes. Looked great too, photography wise (appropriately, I guess).

  2. ESV

    Liveline breaking every one of the guidelines on suicide reporting right now. Great to hear honest, frank discussions but proper chairing by Joe Duffy would have prevented that happening – and those guidelines are there for a very good, very serious reason (copycat risks).

    1. ESV

      Sorry, self-editing to say that it may not be the case that they’re breaking “every one” of the guidelines, but definitely a couple of the more important ones (details, discussion of ease or painlessness, etc). Again, JD could have seen that avenue of the conversation coming if he’d chaired properly.

    2. ESV

      Is he? I just wish he’d understand the responsibility of what he’s doing today. The stories these people are telling are so important, and it seems to me he’s barely even listening.

      1. Anna

        Joe would listen to them if they paid him some money, or inflated his overgrown ego. besides money and sycophancy he doesn’t give a crap.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        Every story is a filler for the show to him and conveniently reduces the need for him to present it / chair it.

  3. Caroline

    He was clearly beloved of many people and his death has prompted an important discussion but I think I surpassed peak grief for the man and went straight into Simpsons territory about 45 minutes ago when someone posted a link to Koko the Gorilla’s reaction to news of his death.

  4. Baz

    Kinda disturbing that a local charity would move so fast to profit off Williams death

    The effectiveness of the work of these charities really needs to go under scope

    1. Jammy

      Ah to be fair now, Happenings are doing it FOR a charity rather than a charity organising it. Happenings host open air cinema events all the time but are not usually for a charity I don’t think? Pretty sure the entrance fee is usually just to cover their costs so this charity element is new. So it’s actually a really nice gesture.

      1. Baz

        Care to address the facts? No, ad hominem attacks are your game.

        Others can see whom the Troll really is.

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