“Normal ones”.

That’s AsdaNomnomnomical

Thanks Paudie

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18 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. LB

    I know it’s crazy money – but coconut dairy milk??! This is what I’ve been waiting all my life for.

  2. Baz

    That’s not a ‘dairy milk’

    They are fat bastard size and they’re special editions

    Plus, yes, it’s London.

    Muppet poster.

    1. Baz

      Drama Queen, I think €5 ‘dairy milks’ are the least of PaidiALDI’s issues

      He isn’t even a good reader, over emphasises and tone all over the place. A good reader uses their vocal cords not their sphincter.

      1. H

        +1 I lasted about 10 seconds, what is it with Irish broadcasters that they feel the need to use these ridiculous inflections? Having said that the London Underground announcements are just as bad…nobody speaks like that in real life so why do it on air??

  3. OffDutyBL

    What no ever seems to say is that groceries in general are cheaper here in London than they are in Dublin, providing you are earning sterling of course.

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