Siege Change



A demonstration held this afternoon outside the Israeli Embassy, Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin by Gaza Action Ireland and the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign..

Protesters, including Trevor Hogan (bottom centre) and (top) from left Zayd Abdullah and Fatimah Abdullah with their mother Zainab Heaney, formed a symbolic ‘siege’ around the embassy today, calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and remembering the victims of recent bombings.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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25 thoughts on “Siege Change

    1. The bringer of facts

      I still hate Israel? Don’t I?

      It’s been a few days. Robin Williams grabbed my attention for a bit there.

      Anyway, Israel bad?

      1. Tom Stewart

        A bit less of a flippant attitude about the killers of hundreds and hundreds of children in the past month would be appreciated.

        1. shitferbrains

          You must have been getting withdrawal symptoms….no Israel bashing posts for a whole day.

  1. Baz

    Good oul Mrs Heaney, it only seems like yesterday she was protesting outside the French embassy wearing a Burqa

    I can see why she’s a fan.

  2. brianharvey4life

    Haven`t noticed many people protesting about the christians being executed in Iraq, just these loolahs screeching on O Connell street every ruddy day
    #selective outrage
    #busy idiots

    1. Tom Stewart

      You’re right. They should simultaneously try to address every injustice in the world.

      Or would it be more effective to pick one issue and try to do something about that?

    2. Tom Stewart

      People hear about hundreds of children getting killed. They decide to do what they can.

      And you criticise them.

      You’re a moron.

    3. Paolo

      And whose embassy should they protest to for that Brian?

      Israel is a Government that is recognised by the international community. It is obliged to operate within the parameters of international law but it does not. ISIS is a terrorist organisation.

      1. postmanpat

        shouldn’t you be locked in a closet somewhere, drinking tea and having a natter with the other auld wans?

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