Áine’s Refuge


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Anti-immigration activist Áine Ní Chonaill congratulates Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald on her asylum reforms in today’s Irish Times letters page.

Good times.

Asylum and direct provision centres (Irish Times letters)

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8 thoughts on “Áine’s Refuge

  1. Jock

    Anybody that abuses the refugee system should be put it work for a year to pay for their costs incurred by the state in deporting them.

      1. Jock

        I know my posts will wind some of you but hut I don’t post anything that I don’t genuinely believe.

        We have a visa system for immigrants. Those that chose not to use it should face the consequences.

        1. Mulch

          I agree with you that the system should not be abused, but the people that apply for asylum must be treated as genuine cases from the start. These direct provision centres come across as “guilty until proven innocent”. With asylum you often times don’t have the opportunity to follow correct procedures such as visas, as your life is under threat due to war etc.
          Even still, having to wait 7 years to find out if you are eligible to stay in the country or not is ridiculous.

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