21 thoughts on “Good Morning Dublin

  1. postmanpat

    Talentless hack. (The graphitti artist, just to be clear) . Is it the same guy doing the Gaza thing? looks like his style. awful. He needs to get some drawing lessons. The Gaza wailing women cliché was poo too.

    1. Scooperman

      Harsh. It’s been sprayed on some cling film in the middle of Henry St. It’s not bloody bad.

      1. postmanpat

        me hole. the cling film is stretched firmly enough. Amateur job. I know what happened the artist copied the picture from top left to right in rows . the scale got out of control and he just matched up the lines and hoped people wouldn’t notice when it was rendered. I know what I’m talking about, working on a big scale is tricky and I would struggle with it . but I’m not putting my practice work on display. even then It would still be 10x better than this. copying a photo of a face with no real understanding of facial anatomy . this hack should stick to his outdated fresh prince 90’s wacky lettering.

        1. Scooperman

          Is it not done in a caricature style. I think it expresses some of his personality more than a perfectly rendered copy would have. I’m not saying it’s the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen but it’s not bad. (Also: less negativity makes the day much more enjoyable).

          1. postmanpat

            If it was done in a caricature style then why were the Gaza women draw so badly too. See, you can (barely ) get away with some random. non famous weeping woman because you can pull the picture together to make it look human while sacrificing the likeness, , but with celebrities you cant . and presto you get Mongo Williams like above. don’t encourage this lousy “artist” . Anyone can see this was an attempt that went arseways. If that thing were to talk it would go ” MOOOOOOOOPHH MOOORMMING MMEAFFMAAAAAMMMMM!!!!!”

  2. Baz

    It takes an amount of arrogance to seize that usable foot path space, you’d imagine the talent would back it up, sadly no.

    What’s next up? Photos of random dog poop?

  3. Hank

    It’s hopeless. Also fupping hell the paving on that street is so ugly and dirty. Do Irish people just like ugly dirty stuff? I think they do.

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