49 thoughts on “Who Put The Note On The Fig Hole?

      1. Boycott Israel

        Do those images offend you? Are you in any way offended by the people who did that to children?

        1. bisted

          …worryingly, the nazis shared YourNans disdain for ‘retards’ – they exterminanted over 70000 Germans on the basis of being mentally retarded before moving on to include this category in their final solution.
          Labelling somebody ‘retard’ is despicable in any circumstance, but coming from an apologist for the slaughter of innocents in Gaza is sinister and demonstrates the extent to which the doctrine of fascism has been adopted and implemented.

          1. bisted

            …I refer you to @Case comment above ….this shill uses the R word and worse every time any one has the temerity to criticise the murder of children in Gaza. It demonstrates precisely the fascist lexicon that these creeps recite here daily.

    1. Colin

      So you didn’t buy a fig retailing for perhaps €2, of which maybe 50c goes back to Israel. Intel allegedly are putting 4 billion into the country, or about 800,000,0000 worth of M&S figs. Every time you make a phone call, your using Israeli tech (GSM and most encryption in use are Israeli made or backed) The list is endless and the money huge.

      If you honestly think you are making a difference, I pity you. I don’t have an opinion of whats going on over there, but people need to wise up to just how effective a sheet of paper, some posters and buying decisions are.

      1. Boycott Israel

        And yet, here you are taking time out of your busy day pointing out how futile the simple gesture of refusing to buy a simple fig can be.

      2. Paolo

        Colin, that is TOTAL bull crap. Intel is a US company and the idea that “encryption” is Israeli is laughable.

        Educate yourself

      3. ESV

        You “don’t have an opinion of what’s going on over there.”

        Well, that’s you deemed irrelevant in this (and pretty much every other) conversation then.

  1. Buzz

    I’ve stopped shopping at M&S because of their support for Israel – but good idea. I might print up a few myself.

    1. Boycott Israel

      None of the above, Peter. Graeme made an ethical decision. He elected not to buy the fig because it came from a country where the citizens think it’s OK to use high explosives and incendiary materials such as white phosphorous to kill innocent civilians in an open air concentration camp that they had previously created.

      I hope that answers your question.

  2. peter

    Ethical decision? Should he equally boycott Palestine?
    Is your message to stop the current bombings or for the destruction of Israel?
    Do you support the Palestines who murder innocent Israeli?

    1. Boycott Israel

      I don’t support violence from any quarter. I support peaceful protest in the form of a boycott of Israel.

      I hope that answers your question.

        1. Boycott Israel

          Peter, I boycott Israel because they are committing genocide on the people of Gaza, not because it suits me.

          1. Boycott Israel

            They must have been terrified in the face of the aggression shown by the four children playing football on the beach.

          2. peter

            It was an unfortunate casualty of the senseless war.
            There is no evidence of deliberate targeting of children, unlike the palestines who wil bomb anyone, so deep is their hatred.

          3. Odis

            @ Peter – So ethnic cleansing is fighting a war? Also can you tell me what mobile phones Israel makes so that I can boycott them?

      1. shitferbrains

        You don’t support violence from any quarter, but have chosen to boycott only Israel, the implication being that violence only emanates from Israel. Right ?

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