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  1. The Northern Ireland-Pat Spillane Reconciliation Initiative.

    The Sindo’ll be RAGING they didn’t get the anti-Gerry story

  2. LiamZero

    I would love to think that that Niamh Horan blurb is a clever Spinal Tap reference and a dig at her stupidity by the Sindo… but I doubt it.

  3. ABM

    Have the Sunday Independent “switched on” quality reporting and “switched off” trash reporting?

    The left wing commentariat believes this is what happens when there’s a pro-choice article on the front page of the Sindo. INM are a company who are in the business of selling advertising (and relaying establishment mantra). A paper that’s becoming increasingly desperate – dwindling distribution, dwindling sales, mounting long term pension liabilities and dwindling influence. The band aid to all this is to sell off what’s left of their brand and publish increased hype and sensationalism passed off as “journalism”.

    Finally, I wonder is there an army of doctors, nurses, social workers, sociologists, academics, quango officers, legal experts and journos in this woman’s home country? If she doesn’t like our laws here, maybe she should have thought about that before she moved here and got herself pregnant. It looks to me that she’s not married, has paid no tax, has no health insurance and is living off the state.

      1. ABM

        Do you think people should be incentivised to breed like drunken rabbits or breed in a civilised, responsible way? Would you prefer to live in a society full of high quality humans or low quality humans? I suspect it’s the latter, because you would be unable to compete in a society full of high quality humans who are socially responsible, educated, hard-working, independently wealthy and would feel embarrassed going down to the dole office. Also, there wouldn’t be as many quango jobs for wooly left-wing do-gooders (like you) in such a society.

        1. ABM: social misfit

          “High quality humans” – well, there is a crushing irony to this comment, isn’t that so ABM? Are we to assume that men and women, educated, socially functional and psychologically healthy behave as you do online? Do you honestly expect us to believe that your vile and obsessive online presence reveals anything other than someone reeking of desperation and sadness.? As ever I would advise you to seek help, for your own sake. All of this bile and feigned hatred cannot be doing you any good. Deny all you wish but the polemical extremism that has passed for your presence on here over a number of years is neither the product of a happy nor healthy mind.

        2. ABM: social misfit

          Breed? LOL. Don’t you go about proclaiming your chastity and how “God hasn’t blessed you with children”. The term “breed” is more revelatory of your grim online activities and sexual immaturity than familiarity with a loving and socially functional family. Once again, do normal psychologically healthy, sexually mature adults speak this way and ventilate their opinions in such a fashion? As ever there is no doubt a grim reality to your deliberately divisive and personally bitter commentary.

      1. lolly

        I read this comment without realising who had posted it and felt my skin crawl. you really are the a despicable person ABM, whoever you are.

      2. ABM

        The rape situation that you lot keep bringing up is well trodden ground. The immoral actions of someone else does not justify the destruction. Neither you nor I are going to change this position.

        Regarding the slow news day story in question – are you 100% sure this case involved rape? Maybe the woman claims she was “raped”, when in fact she was drunk and regretted a decision she made? How do you know? You are using the very rare rape scenario to justify the very common “I want my rights. I want an abortion and I want it now (and I want someone else to pay for it)” situation. Funny how those who are very vocal about demanding their rights gloss over the poor life decisions they’ve made and cower to their responsibilities, not only as citizens; but also as human beings.

        1. Sidewinder

          Broadsheet it is time you dealt with ABM. Banning the IP address is in order at the least. This kind of rape apologist b*ll*cks is not on.

          Repeatedly advocating the torture of women for being lying, slutty *low quality* humans is surely in breach of even the loosest of online community guidelines.

          1. WhoAreYa


            If it wasn’t for ABM there would not be much point commenting here.

            I’m glad they let ABM waffle on, and it is offensive for sure but hardly hate speech.

            But I get moderated myself for a lot less inflammatory stuff, I feel!

          2. Kieran NYC

            Yeah I feel like ABM is derailing the whole site. Since people seem to be unable to ignore his vile comments, something else needs to be done.

          3. ABM

            All my posts are pre-moderated. Therefore, a publication decision is made by broadsheet.ie; not me.

          4. Sidewinder

            So you’re devoid of all responsibility for your appalling behaviour? Catholic to the last I see.

    1. ABM: social misfit

      Denigrating a rape victim now ABM? New levels of social dysfunction reveal themselves. I used to pity you ABM but you’re welcome to your crushing desperation and loneliness. But once again I ask you to pose a question to yourself. Are your actions and comments those of a psychologically healthy, socially functional man, happy with his lot in life? Or is there a grim reality to your behaviour on here? You poor wretch.

      1. ABM

        I don’t believe she was raped because the story doesn’t add up – there was no mention of an arrest, no suspect, no Garda report, no mention of medical examination, etc.

        It’s convenient for the left-wing ideology of the journo to make the reader believe this anonymous was raped so as to garner sympathy and support for abortion-on-demand. I simply do not believe the story as written. If you want to believe the Sunday Independent is Gospel; that’s your prerogative.

        According to the story:
        – at the time she presented, the obstetrician was of the opinion that a healthy baby could be delivered
        – the woman ultimately consented to the birth
        – she was evidently very screwed up in the head (suicidal, etc.)

        She was obviously incapable of thinking straight. Thankfully everything worked out in the end – healthy mother and healthy baby. Good outcome.

        Why the outrage?

        1. ABM: social misfit

          The Sunday Times begs to differ. Thanks but given your behaviour on here, accusing others of “outrage” is in the vein of gross hypocrisy. Sort yourself out, you sad, sad and desperate man.

          1. ABM

            Your version of a good outcome:

            – mother with a scarred womb + even more mental health problems
            – dead baby

            My version of a good outcome:

            – physically healthy mother + mental health support
            – happy, healthy baby

            The medical professionals made the correct decision.

          2. ABM: social misfit

            No ABM, my version of a good outcome is not abusing a tragic situation to troll online denigrating women with crisis pregnancies as a neat displacement activity from a lonely and failed life. It’s that simple. Don’t presume you creepy loser.

    2. jungleman

      “if she doesn’t like our laws here, maybe she should have thought about that before she moved here and got herself pregnant”

      The fact that you would say that about a possible rape victim shows just how much of a scumbag you are.

    3. Ahjayzis

      You’re disgusting.

      Everyone else – why do you keep feeding this thing’s need to be hated? Ignore it and it might slither away back to the parochial houses’ dodgy septic tank.

    1. ABM

      I couldn’t care less if he wore a big bird outfit. At least he doesn’t get his girlfriend up the duff and threaten the state with suicide because he made a bad decision. Oh and he has a job, pays his way in the world and doesn’t throw his toys out of the pram and run off to some quango/quasi-legal entity when his demands aren’t facilitated (I seriously doubt HM Government would entertain such demands the way the Irish State do). That a great man like Rory McIlroy can come from Holywood, Co Down is a tribute to the progress made in Northern Ireland and he’s an inspiration to all his fellow countrymen and countrywomen. He’s probably the greatest Irish golfer ever, yet a losing women’s rugby team get all the attention.

      1. Anne

        “yet a losing women’s rugby team get all the attention.”

        Did mammy not breast feed you long enough? Was that it?

        1. ABM

          Where was the broadsheet.ie McIlroy article when he won the Open or the PGA? Yet the red carpet is rolled out for a losing team because they’re women. No doubt there’ll be a state-funded open top bus laid on for the returning heroines. RTE viewers are lead to believe that if it wasn’t for “Countess” Markievicz and Her Highness Mary Robinson, these women would still be chained to the kitchen sink.

        2. rotide

          He’s right. Rory is a far bigger story than the womens rugby team in sporting terms.

          The fact that you’re unable to deal with obvious trolling says more about you than him,

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