21 thoughts on “‘You Don’t Migrate To This Country Unless You Want To Join Our Team’

  1. H

    I can’t disagree with his sentiment, why move to a country if you don’t agree with its principles. It annoys me when people emigrate and the expect their new home to adopt their culture and not vice versa!

    1. The bringer of facts

      Ya, feck their freedom to practice their relgion or wear different clothes. Stupid people wanting their human rights.

      Worse then those Gazans, are we still worried about Israel?? It’s been a while.

      1. Mani

        It’s like a vegan booking a restaurant for a meal, going there and then whinging because there’s no option and then demanding that the chef prepare something anyway.

    2. Sidewinder

      What? Makes no sense. Firstly, you’re never going to find a country that agrees with all your principles. Secondly if your principles are “No to a hundred lashes for a rape victim” but “yes to legalised abortion” then you’re going to have a problem with both Ireland and Saudi Arabia but I reckon if you’re a woman you’re probably still better off here. Thirdly, if you’re living in a society, raising a family in it, paying tax in it, contributing to it, then you’re perfectly entitled to attempt to change that society.

      Lastly – maybe Abbott should start living with Australian aborigines and adopt their traditions and values if he’s so keen on assimilating to countries you emigrate to.

  2. Booze filth shocker

    Which team would that be? Team-intern people too poor to immigrate by regular channels indefinitely in human rights-abusing detention centres run on taxpayer dolla by private scheisters G4S in Papua New Guinea? Go team! BONZAAAAA!

  3. diddy

    Easier said than done.. you cant get muslims to drink party and stop dressing their women up like black ghosts. Muslims wont be on team straya

  4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Tony Abbott’s “Team Australia” is about appealing to the racists and bogans in Australia. It is dog whistle politics. It is also scare mongering, because he is such a poor leader. His ratings are in the toilet. This is a distraction from the real issues that the country faces.

    He wants to reduce personal freedoms and increase the power of security surveillance. This old terrorism and foreigner (muslims if you will) cards are being played here.


  5. Ms Piggy

    Absolutely, Mr Abbott. I believe the same point was made by the Aboriginal people a couple of hundred years ago, when Europeans began migrating to Australia. And look how well that worked out for them.

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