1916 Correction


British Troops142

British soldiers at the junction of Moore Street and Parnell Street (top) and not, as we claimed in our Google StreetView reconstruction, Henry Street (above).

Mark Humphrys writes:

“Your graphic (above) on this page: is wrong. It shows the 1916 Rising barricade at the wrong end of Moore St, as I explain on my site here..”

Sorry Mark and all.

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14 thoughts on “1916 Correction

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    Still, hats off to the muppet who thought the British built a barricade with their backs to the GPO. That takes some doing.

    1. paul m

      now now. lets keep it civil. The British army werent all as spit and polished as you might have thought they were;

      ‘Nearly two hundred of them were killed and many wounded,’ wrote J. E. Wrench afterwards. ‘ It always seemed to me such a wanton waste of life, though we tried to explain to them as well as we could the geography of the streets in that part of Dublin and what they might expect’.


  2. John Bruton

    It’s nice to see a picture of those fine upstanding men prepared to risk their lives for King and country against the terrorists who were threatening the kingdom

  3. Sinabhfuil

    Those would be the guys who shot down the Dillon family when they came out of their home on Moore Street waving a white flag, then?

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