28 thoughts on “Toilet Training

  1. Lazlo Panaflex

    any chance of some photos of your droppings to make it just a little bit more disgusting. if you could afford a car you wouldn’t have to take photos of a toilet on public transport.

      1. Lazlo Panaflex

        snobbery and rightly so, if your taking photos of someone elses piss its time to get a car

  2. Planet of the Missing Biros

    How about people learn to use facilities properly instead of expecting others to clean up after them.

  3. YourNan

    loving all the apologists of 3rd world quality service from the people you pay with your tax moneis. Supine to the end.

    1. Everybody

      So true. People are being paid to clean those toilets and they just don’t bother. Paddies on BS think its ‘Grand’ and the author should ‘get laid’ ….pathetic.

  4. Talismania!

    Don’t worry, they’ll clean it overnight, you won’t recognize it tomorrow. Unless you see it at 18:20 again, at which point it will look similar.

  5. GiGi

    In the past two months travelling from Dublin to Cork on the train out carriage has been evacuated TWICE due to aromas from the toilets travelling through the air vents underneath the seating. After paying a last minute €84 return from Dublin to Tralee, an hour in and we were asked to vacate the carriage for our own health. The smell of urine was so bad that it was making passengers gag. Luckily there were seats in other carriages. For a last minute travel arrangement the ticket price is fairly steep, the least one would hope for would be breathable air and a clean loo.

    Rant over. : )

  6. L'esprit de l'escalier

    it’s actually guerilla marketing for the new aphex twin album, please embellish.

  7. ahyeah

    “It’s not a camera, my dim offspring, it’s a mobile phone – and everyone has one so not worth remarking upon”

  8. The Big Fella

    Jees. I’ve seen way worse. That actually looks like bleach staining on the plastic too. What do expect on a train anyway?

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